Luta Limited: A Model Brand

March 14, 2012

Executive Summary

Luke Dowdney MBE is the CEO and founder of Luta Limited, an inspirational clothing brand that embodies the gritty, fight for survival spirit of the Brazilian favela. Dowdney knows brand values well. In 2000, he founded Fight for Peace, an international non-profit organization, in Rio de Janeiro. The aim: to use boxing and martial arts, combined with education and personal development, to help young people transcend crime-ridden and violent communities and help them realize their potential. In May 2011, Dowdney launchedLuta Limited, which gives 50% of its profits to Fight for Peace International.

View video below.


Luta Limited: A Model Brand." Luke Dowdney MBE, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Luta Limited. ANA/WFA Global Marketing Conference, 03/14/12.

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