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Engaging Today’s Multi-Dimensional Business Audiences with a Multi-Faceted Marketing Mindset


Today's business audience continues to evolve, growing more multidimensional with each passing day. Consequently, audience intel and data have become one of the most valuable currencies for B2B marketers.

This audience transformation opens incremental opportunity for B2B marketers to extend efforts beyond endemic platforms and amplify impact with non-endemic tactics. According to a NBCUniversal Proprietary Global B2B Study, 90 percent of business decision-makers agree a good B2B ad captures their attention if it's relevant, regardless of if it ran in endemic or non-endemic content.

Understanding Evolved Business Decision-Makers

Identifying the optimal endemic and non-endemic channel mix means understanding not only the demographics of target audiences, but also their unique nature and interests compared to other business audiences.

As such, each business audience segment has specific cultural characteristics and media preferences that must be considered when building targeting strategies. For example, small business owners have become 50 percent more multicultural over the last 10 years, mid-market decision-makers significantly over-index in celebrity interest, and enterprise leaders are now majority millennials, according to Global Web Index.

Leveraging the Combined Power of an Endemic and Non-Endemic Mix

With this audience intel, B2B marketers can then develop a custom media mix capitalizing on the widest reach and impact opportunities across the entire media ecosystem and beyond only endemic channels.

While endemic B2B channels are not to be underestimated as a powerful tool, other non-conventional, non-endemic platforms can be equally and incrementally effective in capturing attention and delivering messaging. B2B brands can differentiate in today's crowded competitive landscape by taking advantage of a whitespace that the industry has yet to activate and embrace fully.

As an example, other categories spend 24 percent more on entertainment and lifestyle content when compared to B2B advertisers, according to MediaRadar. More specifically, we have identified that B2B campaigns across NBCUniversal have the potential to reach an incremental 63 percent of business decision-makers by running in non-endemic content.

This endemic and non-endemic balance can come to life through creative, marketing sponsorships, and media mix, underpinned by advanced audience data and insights, crucial to identifying the highest potential opportunities across these tactics.

Optimizing Reach and Performance with an Audience-Led Approach

We know business leaders are multi-faceted — engaged in content beyond the work environment. To break through, B2B marketers can take advantage of this insight by better reflecting this new reality and demonstrating they recognize the cultural richness of target consumers.

To execute and capture attention more effectively, test new approaches and break legacy by:

  • Activating in non-endemic spaces with creative executions that can generate stronger gains longer-term
  • Employing a data-driven approach to help inform that mindset and identify avenues to customize marketing strategy, messaging, & creative for each discrete B2B audience

Again, B2B marketers must evolve and customize advertising strategies to effectively reach and engage buyers across unique passion points, interests, and media consumption preferences. And leveraging the power of both non-endemic and endemic advertising environments is a crucial strategic approach that can unlock this potential for incremental reach and impact for B2B brands.

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Nicole Lee is a director of client strategy at NBCUniversal's Advertising & Partnerships division