Marketing2020: Big Data and Analytics Survey Report

Executive Summary

Key findings from Marketing 2020’s 2014 Big Data and Analytics Survey Report:

  • The vast majority of over- and underperforming companies expect the availability of more data (big data) to have a “high” or “very high” level of impact on their business in the coming years.
  • Both over- and underperforming companies cite big data analytics as having the greatest impact on consumer/customer understanding and engagement.
  • Marking and IT “always” work closely in approximately one-third of overperforming companies versus in one-fifth of underperformers.  A stunning 30 percent of marketing departments in underperforming companies “rarely” work closely with IT on CRM/big data strategy.
  • Only about half of overperformers and one-quarter of underperformers score themselves above average when it comes to big data mining and analytics.
  • Overperformers have the right data and analytics, and more importantly, are able to leverage all the data to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

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"Marketing2020: Big Data and Analytics Survey Report." Marketing 2020.