Is Podcasting the Future of Branded Advertising?

Podcasts have been around for nearly 20 years, giving marketers the opportunity to develop another revenue stream. But even as the medium matures and veers toward adulthood it's still in the nascent stage when it comes to ad dollars.

Bryan Barletta, cofounder of Sounds Profitable; Tom Webster, cofounder of Sounds Profitable

Tom Webster, cofounder of Sounds Profitable, which covers the podcasting industry, says it's as if podcasting is still viewed as "a pirate band of people listening to knitting shows." But nothing could be further from the truth, what with the podcast marketing now pegged at $2 billion, according to Insider Intelligence. In addition to reaching younger and more attuned listeners , podcasts are also an effective way for marketers to produce their own branded programming. Indeed, having your own podcast is like one big, branded advertisement, without resorting to carrying traditional and interruptive messages.

Webster and his partner Bryan Barletta joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about their recent study that explores the growing opportunities for using podcasts as an advertising vehicle, the state of industry standards, and more.

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"Is Podcasting the Future of Branded Advertising?" Champions of Growth Podcast, 5/18/23.

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