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A Three-Step Process for Generating Innovative Business Ideas

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Thinking creatively may not feel like it comes naturally, but it's an imperative in era of business in which so many of us are called upon to be "disruptive." Fortunately, there are effective methods for arriving at innovations.

The ANA's on-demand training course "Strategies for Creative Problem-Solving" offers the following three-step "judo flip" procedure for generating fresh ideas to revolutionize business approaches.

  1. Write down the rules or established expectations for the experience or product you're trying to innovate. Give yourself at least a full day to do so, so you can think exhaustively about the subject. If you're trying to innovate the new-car-buying experience, one of the expectations you might write down could be that a dealership only sells cars from one brand of car maker.
  2. Write down the opposite of each of these expectations or rules, e.g., a dealership that sells cars from multiple auto brands. You're not going to stop there, however; the opposite of an expectation isn't necessarily an innovation.
  3. Based on your "judo flips," identify new and unique solutions — such as a car dealership that sells multiple brands of autos in one specific genre of vehicles, such as pickup trucks or SUVs.

The tips above represent just a morsel from the banquet of valuable insights and best practices available through the ANA's on-demand training course, "Strategies for Creative Problem-Solving."



"Strategies for Creative Problem-Solving." Kaiser Yang, CEO at and co-founder of Platypus Labs. ANA On-Demand Training Course.

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