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Three Advantages of Direct Mail Retargeting Technology

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Direct mail retargeting delivers multiple touchpoint opportunities for customers who have engaged with your brand. This technology provides consistency across touchpoints as customers consider and evaluate decisions while navigating their path to purchase. Adopting this approach offers marketers three key advantages as "front-end" activity triggers valuable responses on the back end of the technology.

Capture Behaviors

  • Front end: A customer in the "consideration" stage visits your website and adds an item to his or her cart. He or she doesn't follow through with the purchase.
  • Back end: Your retargeting software captures the key web behaviors of your customers (such as cart abandonment, page views, sign-ups, product views, etc.).

Integrate Platforms

  • Front end: Though the cart was abandoned you've now captured the customer's name, email, IP address, and cart information.
  • Back end: The gathered information is integrated with your marketing automation platforms and triggers an email reminder.

Utilize Direct Mail

  • Front end: The customer is busy and overlooks a triggered email reminder for his or her abandoned cart.
  • Back end: This triggers a follow-up direct mail-piece that drives customers back online to reconsider or complete a purchase.

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"The USPS Advanced Marketing Certificate." USPS On-Demand Training Course.

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