MINI Motors Incites Passion with Real-Time Content Marketing

July 15, 2014

Executive Summary

MINI is an automobile company with a cheeky brand personality the marketing of which must break through against larger competitors. In the U.S., MINI’s creative campaigns have ranged from real-time social volleys with other brands to turning a moving car into a live concert venue. Lee Nadler, marketing communications manager at MINI, shared case studies exemplifying the company’s belief that real-time marketing means a company should be present, relevant, responsive, and prepared to be spontaneous.


“MINI Motors Incites Passion with Real-Time Content Marketing.” Lee Nadler, Marketing Communications Manager at MINI. ANA Real-Time Marketing Conference Presented by Starcom, 12/04/13; ANA Digital and Social Conference, 7/15/14.

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Chris Miller

October 2, 2014 12:45pm ET

So what customer suggested actions did MINI take?!? How far did they go, how did their results compare to previous or competitive launches? What was the ROI? We need this information to understand the worth of Lee Nadler's message.