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The Business Guide to AI


Leveraging combined expertise and resources, the ANA Global CMO Growth Council and Bloomberg Media are creating a credible, tangible, and actionable platform for marketing and business leaders to learn, implement, and amplify success-proven ways to integrate AI into their practices.

Anchored in actionable CMO workshops adjacent to key ANA and Bloomberg Media events, the Business Guide to AI series will fuel a high visibility content series that brings success stories to life.

In the video below, delegates from the 2023 ANA Global CMO Growth Summit share their perspective on:

  • The role marketing plays in unlocking the potential for AI/GenAI to drive growth and create value for businesses.
  • How they see AI being successfully implemented in the market today — both within and outside their organizations.
  • The implications and opportunities associated with integrating this emerging technology into business practices on customers and the workplace.

Dubai Lynx, March 3, 2024

Spikes Asia, March 13, 2024

For more information, or to participate in an upcoming Business Guide to AI event, please let us know at and


"The Business Guide to AI." ANA Global CMO Growth Council and Bloomberg Media, November 2023.

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