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ANA 2020 Marketing Word of the Year


Since 2014, the ANA has surveyed its members to identify the marketing word of the year. The ANA's Marketing Word of the Year for 2020 is particularly representative of a year marked by the ravages caused throughout the world by the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice issues. This year the winner was "Pivot."

As in years past, the ANA staff identifies a list of finalists and then asks members to cast their vote to determine the winner. This year, 279 ANA members participated. In response to the question that asked, "Why did you vote for 'Pivot' as the ANA 2020 marketing word of the year?" representative responses were:

  • "This year has been about flexibility, and the need to knock down the walls of rigid structure and processes, to quickly move in a direction to solve the needs of the current climate (including COVID and social justice issues), which required everyone to 'pivot' to meet these needs."
  • "Pivot defines 2020 marketing. With all this world has brought upon us this year, we got a crash course in how pivoting is the only way to remain relevant."

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"ANA 2020 Marketing Word of the Year." ANA, December 2020.