ANA 2022 Marketing Word of the Year: Inclusion

Since 2014, the ANA has surveyed its members to identify the marketing word of the year. The 2022 winner Is "Inclusion."

As in years past, the ANA staff identifies a list of finalists and then asks members to cast their votes to determine the winner. This year, 377 ANA members participated. In response to the question that asked, "Why did you vote for 'Inclusion' as the ANA 2022 marketing word of the year?" representative responses were:

  • "Inclusion seems to be at the heart, either overtly or not, in ads across the mix this year. Brands are making great progress in DEI, not out of pandering, but more so to ensure ads reflect the communities that brands operate in."
  • "Because without true inclusion throughout our work, we won't be able to continue growing as companies or professionals. It is the clear path to doing the right thing and growing the market."

This year's voting wasn't even close as inclusion was the top vote-getter by a good margin.

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"ANA 2022 Marketing Word of the Year: Inclusion." ANA, 2022.