TV with a Twist: How a Digital Retail Brand Delivered Premium Scale

By Alex Strickland

Digital-first is a method many smaller companies use for their advertising strategy. For advertisers who have never considered television as part of their marketing plan, they're likely overlooking new capabilities that will allow them to extend their campaign's reach with TV and the targetability and analytical benefits of what they're used to with digital.

When a company decides to first explore TV as a viable extension of their marketing plan, they will need to partner with experienced companies to guide them along the process. First, the practical side of setting up parameters, tracking, and the analytical mechanisms to assess their ROI, along with the functional methods of getting their buy into place and executed.

Campaign Analysis

Painting with a Twist is a franchise-based company that offers customers a place to come for a night out of art and socializing. They have more than 230 locations operating in 39 states across the U.S. Historically, the company has used several different advertising channels, but had not expanded to television until recently. Franchise owners expressed an interest in TV advertising, but there were concerns around implementation given the perceived cost and lack of determining return on ad spend (ROAS).

The brand is committed to innovating with digital tech and the rise of CTV finally allowed them to dive into television. TV had always been of interest to them, but they needed the ability to target audiences where they have franchises in a cost-effective way, with the ability to measure the success of those efforts as well. When Painting with a Twist found that they'd maximized their demand and lead generation through their social channels, it was time to make their advertising approach multiscreen.

The Strategy

Painting with a Twist had two main audience strategy goals: CTV Prospecting for an audience that includes female shoppers, event-goers, DIY and home decorating aficionados, wine enthusiasts, date night planners, and Valentine's Day celebrators; and A CRM prospecting campaign targeting past customers who RSVP'd and/or attended a "Date Night Painting Event" from 2021 to 2022.

The Solution

The brand engaged with MNTN, a company offering a front-end solution for their entrance into television advertising. "The tracking capabilities [are] what ultimately drove our decision," says Nicole Alfonso, associate director of TV inventory operations at MNTN. The Team at Painting with a Twist developed a targeted TV buy centered around the premium programming that NBCU and its streaming platform.

FreeWheel, a Comcast company providing comprehensive ad platforms for publishers, advertisers, and media buyers, has deep relationships with both MNTN and NBCU. Through these relationships, they were able to seamlessly bridge the gap on delivering on Painting with a Twist's campaign strategy. It was FreeWheel's ability to directly connect NBCU with MNTN that allowed Painting with a Twist to enter the TV space and execute on both broad reach and more targeted goals.

"When you think prestigious TV, you think NBCU. They've created some of the greatest and most memorable shows of all time. NBCU is one of the traditional and original powerhouses of broadcast television and through our connection to FreeWheel, we were able to partner together to provide our customers with access to their high-quality inventory," according to Alfonso.

"FreeWheel plays an increasingly strategic role in the overall TV advertising ecosystem," explains Brendan Garrone, VP of programmatic sales and partnerships of NBCU. "[They are] native to the TV space. TV is in their DNA. So, the products that they build are taking into account television and streaming from the ground up, rather than having to retrofit legacy products into this new streaming model."

The Results

Within five months of airing CTV spots with NBCU, Painting with a Twist saw 17 times higher ROAS. TV has become a top traffic and e-commerce revenue generator for the brand. A review of the CTV campaign conversion rates over the last 30 days showed that the campaign's conversion rates are 91 percent better versus the average results from their digital-only campaign.


CTV delivers superior reach for a tightly defined geographic target that stimulates consumer response that's far greater than an online-only campaign. A tech-forward approach to television and ability to deliver premium content can deliver measurable results for brands desiring to raise their profile and expand their audience effectively with great impact.

The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the ANA or imply endorsement from the ANA.

Alex Strickland is senior director of marketplace activation at FreeWheel.