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International Omni-Channel Retail Report 2021


In a survey that was fielded the week of January 11th through the week of February 22nd, 2021, YouGov, a research data and analytics group, examined the dynamics affecting retail shoppers across numerous global markets. Some of the key takeaways included the following:

  • Both brick-and-mortar and online channels are pervasive with shoppers, with an average penetration across markets of 86 percent and 81 percent, respectively. Most shoppers globally use both online and brick-and-mortar to meet their needs, with nearly three-quarters (74 percent) having made purchases through both channels in the past three months.
  • Channel reliance varies depending on product types, as essentials are more likely to be purchased in brick-and-mortar (78 percent) than online (57 percent), while discretionary items are more often bought online (72 percent) versus in-store (57 percent).
  • While shopping has shifted online during the pandemic, many consumers still prefer to shop in person. This is particularly true in categories like clothing, where product interaction is important to the shopping experience, and where only 41 percent of those preferring to buy in-store did so.

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"International Omni-Channel Retail Report 2021." YouGov, 2021.

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