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Dr. Bronner’s: A Purpose Brand Like No Other

Over the past 70 years, few companies have been as committed to their purpose work as Dr. Bronner's. Boasting the top-selling brand of natural soap in North America, the company dedicates all profits not needed to operate the business to causes it cares deeply about, such as building and scaling ethical production and boosting the minimum wage.

Dr. Bronner's prides itself on making a positive impact on the planet through regenerative and sustainable business practices. Well known for its unique label, which broadcasts the founder's "All One" philosophy of life, peace, and tolerance, Dr. Bronner's executes its purpose through six cosmic principles. They include "Treating employees like family," "Do Right By Customers," and "Fund and Fight for What's Right."

The remarkable evolution of Dr. Bronner's from radical vision to industry leader is brought to life in the book Honor Thy Label, by Gero Leson, VP of special operations at the company. Since 2005, Gero has become a pioneer in the movement to socially just and environmentally responsible supply chains. He joined Ken Beaulieu, host of the Beyond Profit Podcast, to discuss the company once described as a for-profit with the DNA of a nonprofit.

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