Breaking the B2B Sales and Marketing Stalemate

B2B sales and marketing alignment is like the corporate equivalent of Samuel Beckett's absurdist play, "Waiting for Godot," as sales and marketing VPs take on their roles as Vladimir and Estragon, respectively, and wait...and wait...and wait for someone named Godot to appear. Does Godot even exist? We'll never know. In a similar vein, B2B sales and marketing executives often wait (and wait) for trust, confidence and collaboration to be at the center of their relationship, rather than suspicion, frustration, and inertia.

But Jeff Lowe, CMO at Smart Technologies and Jenna Pipchuk, EVP-chief sales officer at Smart Technologies, say they have cracked the code to the B2B sales and marketing stalemate. In 2019, they joined forces to engineer a complete overhaul of the company's sales and marketing departments, and in the last few years have built a new model in which the two sides operate in unison. Indeed, they don't even refer to "sales and marketing" anymore in the org chart anymore.

Lowe and Pipchuk join Champions of Growth host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the painful but necessary decisions they made to create legitimate change for the company's marketing strategy and provide some major takeaways for other B2B brands.

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"Breaking the B2B Sales and Marketing Stalemate." Champions of Growth Podcast, 11/15/22.

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