Inside a World-Class Workplace Culture

While there are many attributes to a purpose-driven company, one stands out as irrefutable: an engaged corporate culture.

Parks Blackwell, vice president of marketing and client development, PMG

PMG, a global independent digital company, has built a workplace culture that is the envy of the agency world. Named the 2022 independent agency of the year by MediaPost, PMG has been lauded as not only one of the best places to work but also a great place for innovators, working parents, and women.

One of the champions of PMG's efforts to put people first and foster a culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity is Parks Blackwell, vice president of marketing and client development. In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Parks joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss how PMG prioritizes the personal and professional success of employees and how that translates to award-winning creative work, new business, and customer retention.

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"Inside a World-Class Workplace Culture." Beyond Profit Podcast, 3/28/23.

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