Vendor Risk: Essential in the Changing Vendor Compliance Landscape Session Presentation

Executive Summary

Many businesses may be surprised to hear about the consequences of failing to conduct vendor due diligence under the amended CCPA, as well as other state laws. They also may be interested to learn that their counterparty contracts must give them audit rights and that they need to conduct risk assessments. Under the GDPR, all businesses are responsible for their vendors, so it wasn't a surprise when Vodafone was fined €8.15 million (U.S. $9.72 million) for failing to monitor its vendors' aggressive telemarketing tactics. Don't be surprised when this happens in the U.S.

The vendor compliance landscape is changing globally. Learn what you need to know and what you need to do to mitigate vendor risk and ensure vendor privacy compliance.

Richy Glassberg
Co-Founder and CEO
SafeGuard Privacy

Wayne Matus
Co-Founder and General Counsel
SafeGuard Privacy

Laura Juanes
VP, Privacy Officer
Restaurant Brands International

Dona Fraser
SVP, Privacy Initiatives
BBB National Programs

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