'What They Said' at the ANA In-House Agency Conference

By Bill Duggan

ANA just concluded our 2022 In-House Conference. The following provides great quotes and insights from some of the conference speakers (in order of appearance).

  • Jessica Cipolla-Tario, Sony Interactive Entertainment: "Success in the in-house industry is about living in the gray areas and being comfortable with the uncomfortable."
  • Carlos Ricardo, HP: "There is the absolute need to be flexible in everything we do – resourcing, staffing, technology, and more."
  • Mandy Janicki and Tracy Miller, UL: "In-housing is about establishing and empowering trust."
  • Mike Siegel, St. Jude: "Content is the root for storytelling. Storytelling provides the power to connect more emotionally and deeper with audiences."
  • Helen Lin, Wizards of the Coast: "In-house data driven media like programmatic buying; have external agencies handle awareness-driven media."
  • Andrew Graff, Allen & Gerritsen: "It's not in-house 'versus' external; it's not in-house 'or' external; it's the in-house agency '&' the external agency."
  • Lori Hobson and Jamie Lewis, The Wonderful Company: "Have an entrepreneurial spirit. Evaluate your in-house plan over a three-year period as often one year alone won't pay off."
  • Michelle Clark, E&J Gallo Winery: "Consider these gifts to give to your creative team – an intimate understanding of the project and how to make the client happy; reasonable timelines and prioritization; an understanding of the big picture that inspires creativity and focus."
  • Kevin Keith, Orangetheory Fitness: "It's about experiences, not marketing."
  • Jeremy Swiller, Lenovo: "Empathy is the heart of good creative. If a global tech company can focus on humans and empathy, so can you."
  • Heidi Cooley, Crocs: "Imaginative agility is the competitive advantage of the Crocs in-house team."
  • David Jones, The Brandtech Group and Kristi VandenBosch, OLIVER Agency: "The metaverse will turbocharge in-housing."
  • Laura Satterly and Peter Viento, Citi: "It's important to create allies and to be authentic."

Plus, there was a very interesting poll at the beginning of the conference that asked, "What is the biggest challenge your in-house agency faces this year?" The top responses were all related – capacity, resources, work.

Thanks to Greg Wright, VP on my team at the ANA, for his superb job in hosting the event.

The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the ANA or imply endorsement from the ANA.