'What They Said' at the 2022 ANA Content Marketing Conference

By John Paquin

ANA just concluded our 2022 Content Marketing Conference, our first ever, presented by Audacy. The following provides great quotes and insights from some of the conference speakers (in order of appearance).

"If you don't have a Pepsi budget it's OK. There are ways to do it and things to learn from the Pepsi's and the P&G's of the world that you can do on shoestring budgets that make a difference." Paul Tsigrikes, Conference Host and Head of Marketing and GM of THE TRUST, Wall Street Journal/Barron's Group

"Because of the marketing saturation consumers face, we need to create content that the audience actually looks forward to and is part of a broader content experience." Kimberly Doebereiner, Group VP, Future of Advertising and Head of P&G Studios

"Have the courage to make sure you think creatively about the whole customer and that you're driving content that's relevant to the person and contextual for what they're doing online." Alyson Griffin, VP, Marketing, State Farm

"Demographics don't mean anything. Layering on psychographics gives you a completely different way to speak to your audiences." Franklin Parrish, Senior Director, Brand, Marketing and Creative Services, Kaiser Permanente

"Choosing the people that have the will, vs. just the skill is what I think is the number one component of the successful Content Marketing Teams that I've had the pleasure to build over the years." Anna Ritchie, Global Business director, BodyMark, BIC

"The pandemic has reshaped how and where people live, work, and shop. Brands need an innovative and agile approach to stay relevant to a dynamic consumer." Emiko Seale, Senior Director, Consulting Service, Knowledge Lab, Neustar

"Cultural relevance can be table stakes at a time when culture is the main conduit for connection and deep engagement with the consumer." Vivian Youn, Director, Audience Impact and Intelligence Team, Paramount Ad Sales

"How did we get people cruising again? By getting engaged travelers to take action on their interest in cruising by showing them everything that's new on Windstar." Betsy O'Rourke, CMO, Xanterra Travel Collection, the Anschutz Corporation

"We spent a lot of time over the last two or three years building out more tools for data analysis, so we weren't just guessing at what we were doing. If you don't have those things, you're working blindly." Mary Rodgers, Head of Marketing Communications, Cuisinart

"Thinking about what your audience needs to get out of your content should be one of the first things that you're thinking about." Jeremy Goldman, Director, Marketing and Commerce Briefings, Insider Intelligence

"Five years ago, King Arthur made the very intentional decision to make content it's most effective, and I might even say, primary marketing tool." David Tamarkin, Editorial Director, King Arthur Baking Company

"As our world evolves with new technology and opportunities, the winners will be the players who are Ok creating new ways of working with colleagues, media, talent, brand and agencies to create powerful content." Lou Arbetter, VP, Content and Production, PepsiCo beverages, North America

"Our owner's passions became our content, and we've built our brand on that." Alan Bethke, SVP, Marketing, Subaru of America

"We answered an audience desire by helping people to not only better themselves through travel, but also travel better. We're empowering people to return to travel by providing trust, personalization and meaning in our content." Robin Bennefield, Editorial Director, Marriott Creative and Content Marketing, Marriott International

"I believe content is culture, social content, digital content, it's all culture." Brandon Solis, Executive Director of Social and Connections, Grey Group

"What we found really helps us create effective content with measurable impact is deeply knowing our audience. That is where data comes in." Emily Eldridge, Director, Head of Content marketing, Capital One

"One of the great things about content, and why we're here, is that it is a more engaging experience." Rob Lambrechts, Chief Creative Officer, Pereira O'Dell.

Thanks to Paul Tsigrikes, Head of Marketing and GM of THE TRUST, Wall Street Journal/Barron's Group, for his superb job in hosting the event.

The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the ANA or imply endorsement from the ANA.