Marketing Micro-Moments

Google defines micro-moments as occurring, "when people reflexively turn to a device – increasingly a smartphone – to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped."

This infographic from Google breaks down these moments:

Jay Kulkarni, founder and CEO at Theorem, wrote for ANA that as "part of that omnichannel micro-moment packed plan, teams will need to develop e-commerce advertising that entices and informs today's consumers." This can be done by creating personalized social media experiences, developing interactive creative, leveraging retail media networks, and making purchases easier. 

Check out the resources below.

  • Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile. Think with Google, September 2022.
    Immediate. Relevant. Frictionless. That's the experience consumers expect when they turn to a device to find, do, or buy something. To win, marketers have to be there to meet them in these micro-moments. Start building your micro-moments strategy with this guide full of insights and success stories.

    Thanks to mobile, micro-moments can happen anytime, anywhere. In those moments, consumers expect brands to address their needs with real-time relevance. Here, Think with Google presents a complete guide with strategies, insights, and customer examples for mastering micro-moments.

  • 5 Ways to Win Customers with Marketing Micro-Moments. Oracle, June 2022.
    Here, learn what micro-moments are, and how you can use them to market to consumers on mobile, whether it's on their phones or other devices with easy, rewarding experiences across channels; clear, concise, and informative content; the right marketing solutions to personalize and optimize your campaigns and strategy. This article describes five specific ways to take advantage of micro-moments:
    • Optimize your website, blog, social, ads, and landing pages
    • Provide preferred types of content on the channels customers frequent
    • Online customer reviews and brand reputation
    • Data-driven marketing
    • Marketing automation, CDPs, chatbots, and more
  • The Power of Small Moments for Brands on Social Media. Smart Brief, May 2022.
    Every viral moment on social media is fleeting. It can be difficult for brands to discern when or whether jumping on a trend will be worth it. Not just in the sense of whether it will make an impact, but will anyone get it or will they have missed the moment? If brands leverage these small moments in simple yet intentional ways there is the opportunity to bring themselves into the conversation and humanize the brand.

    Recently, there have been a few patterns and formulae that brands have begun to grab onto that have hit the mark, and this article discusses those moments from Uncut Gems, Wheels vs. Doors, and Sumo Oranges.

  • Micro Experiences: The Key Secrets to Brand Loyalty. Annex Cloud, 2022.
    It's no secret that customer experience is everything in retail. During every stage in the funnel, from exploring your brand presence on social media all the way to the checkout process. It's about ensuring every single step has a consistent, authentic brand experience. But how can we integrate these tiny nuances into all of the steps of the funnel and beyond? And how can we use these to create retention and nurture our customer loyalty efforts?

    The key is creating branded micro-experiences, key interactions across your various sales channels. This report discusses the importance of micro-experiences, which brands are doing it well, and how to create one for your own loyalty strategy.

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