Marketing To Gen Z

Gen Z is rewriting the rules of engagement when it comes to technology, shopping, media, brand loyalty, and more. How can marketers evolve to meet these expectations? This report examines new data around gen Z's motivations, behaviors, and preferences and provides strategic ways for marketers to engage and drive them to action.

Marketers who aren't evolving their strategies to engage this younger generation are already falling behind. A body of research is emerging that shows how gen Z is different from their predecessors, but the nature of those differences and the implications for brands have remained largely hypothetical, until now.

To help marketers put the gen Z difference into real-world context, CM Group recently partnered with F'inn on a cross-generational survey of more than 1,000 consumers, the results of which were analyzed by our panel of retail and media experts to reveal meaningful insights and action plans for brands. Across the board, our research revealed that these consumers aren't just turbo-charged millennials. Millennials represent a generation of idealists who share online, shop on mobile, focus on sustainability and inclusion, and are optimistic about the future.

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"Marketing To Gen Z." CM Group, 2022.

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