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Reassessing Purpose as Society’s Expectations for Business Rise


Today's marketers have both an appreciation and understanding of the ideals of brand purpose and the purpose-led organization. However, the complexity of global events, the acceleration of technology, and the need for profitable results amid economic uncertainty affect how marketing's role makes a difference to both business and society.

Yes, purpose matters, and society's expectations for business are rising, given the importance of stakeholder capitalism and corporate citizenship. Yet, is it possible to deliver unified, purposeful messaging across a multifaceted range of environmental, social, economic, and sustainable priorities — in an increasingly remote working world as organizations recognize the need to transform at breakneck speed?

The Internationalist conducted this survey in February 2024 in partnership with the ANA's Center for Brand Purpose as part of our Internationalist INSIGHTS SurveyTM series. Marketers in The Internationalist community and those on the ANA's Brand Purpose Committee were asked ten questions about their sentiments on the evolution of purpose in a tumultuous year. These results help shape content, think tanks, and broader solutions around marketers' core concerns as part of the Marketing Makes a World of DifferenceTM initiative.

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"Reassessing Purpose as Society’s Expectations for Business Rise." The Internationalist, 5/1/24.

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