Avoiding Deadly Scope of Work Traps

January 15, 2019

In a recent piece of thought leadership, Agency Mania Solutions examined some of the pitfalls that advertisers can encounter in the course of adopting and capitalizing on improved scope-of-work management systems. AMS counseled them to avoid these pitfalls by taking the following steps:

  1. Effectively communicate the benefits of a new scope-of-work management system to all stakeholders in order to cultivate buy-in.
  2. Use benchmarking data to inform agency negotiations — but with a view toward thoughtfully reducing waste rather than blindly slashing expenditures regardless of the value that they generate.
  3. Use scope-of-work management systems to record and examine past project-specific spending to more precisely identify inefficiencies and better anticipate future budgetary requirements.
  4. If shifting one's agency partnerships from a retainer model to a deliverables-based model, smoothly navigate the transition with the advantage of the data methodically logged by the scope-of-work management system.
  5. Apply advanced analytics to scope-of-work data to extract the insights that can most valuably inform decision making, cost negotiations, and resource allocations.

To access all the details of Agency Mania Solution's full article, readers can click the "Download Now" button.


"Avoiding Deadly Scope of Work Traps." Bruno Gralpois, Founder of Agency Mania Solutions, January 2019.

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