Made to Order: An Analysis of US Consumer Perception Towards Personalization

June 23, 2018

Whether the goal is to create a sense of identity or to simply add a personal touch, the act of personalization is as much in demand as the products and experiences it helps make unique. YouGov's latest report delivers robust insights on not just why brands should tap into personalization, but how and where brands can employ this offering to gain the upper hand in reaching consumers.

According to a study conducted in 2015, just one in six consumers have ever bought a personalized product or service. Since then, product personalization (the altering of a product to better suit a customer's need or desire) has surged. YouGov's latest research reveals that over the last three years, the personalization economy has seen an increase in demand from 17% to 26%. Now, at least one in four Americans say they have personalized a product either for themselves or someone else.

Interest in personalization is also high, suggesting that the process has staying power in the current economy. One in ten Americans (10%) consider personalization as a top interest and overall, nearly one in three (30%) express some interest in the offering.

This report will explore the different facets of personalization — from who these "personalizers" are in real life to the types of products or services people say they have personalized. It will also identify ways to reach a potential audience of those who are willing to pay more for the offering but have yet to take the personalization plunge.

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"Made to Order: An Analysis of US Consumer Perception Towards Personalization." YouGov, 2018.

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