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Five Tips for Brand Builders

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Crafting a brand for your company requires a deep understanding of your customers' needs and how your offering can satisfy them — not just functionally, but emotionally as well. Developing this understanding and building a brand and a brand experience in response to it is a thorny process. As a starting point, consider the following five tips drawn from the ANA's on-demand training course "The Art and Science of Brand Building."

  • Identify the common values shared by your customer segments to establish the theme or themes to which you'll key your messaging to communicate consistently and appealingly to your whole audience. Nike can appeal to city kids playing basketball and older suburban golfers because its products support the athletic performance prized by both.
  • Identify how your functional benefits support an emotional appeal for your customers. Nike's products functionally enable participation in sports, but the company's brand appeals to its customers' emotional need for achievement.
  • As you conduct your competitive analysis, think expansively. Macy's doesn't just compete against Kohl's, but also against Amazon — as well as against the high bar for customer service that the latter brand sets.
  • If you're reimagining or tweaking your brand, look for inspiration in how it already exists in customers' imagination independently of your efforts. Once upon a time, Federal Express went by just that name, until it realized that John Q. Public typically abbreviated the phrase as "FedEx," which it eventually adopted in its branding.
  • Remember that your brand experience doesn't end with the purchase but should be extended as you strive to cultivate loyalty and ultimately advocacy. Approached thoughtfully, your customers can be transformed into a media channel that works for you. Consider how college-aged customers of TOMS advertises that brand's mission of providing footwear to the underprivileged by going barefoot on campus on designated days.

The tips above represent just a morsel from the banquet of valuable insights and best practices available through the ANA's on-demand training course, "The Art and Science of Brand Building."



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