Production Best Practices During COVID-19

July 15, 2020

How has production been affected by COVID-19? How can companies adapt?

COVID-19 has upended many areas of people's lives, from health concerns to childcare issues to work changes and delays. For marketers and brands, it can be a challenging time to manage creative campaigns, production, and expectations during constant change and adaptation.

According to Advertising Production Resources (APR), "As the implications of COVID-19 evolve daily, it is important for marketers to adapt how to produce and source content to meet their messaging needs." Kantar recently provided crucial tips for brands navigating these murky waters, suggesting the importance of staying positive, focusing on the familiar, taking action to help others, and differentiating from other companies and ads. 

While sector and product vary how consumers engage with brands, Kantar also found that TV has been a significant connector for consumers and brands in the current moment. For instance, 44 percent of consumers spending more time watching TV, according to the COVID-19 Barometer; web surfing, social media, and other digital channels also saw comparable increases," as stated by Elaine Chen, VP of marketing communications at Kantar.

Most of all, for brands right now, sensitive and thoughtful communication is key, regardless of platform. The following resources provide recommendations on how companies can approach production during COVID-19.

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Considerations for Production During COVID-19











Brand Examples of Production During COVID-19

  • A New Norm for Ad Shoots? ANA, July 2020.
    This describes how brands like Orangetheory Fitness, Adobe, and Domino's Pizza are finding new ways to make commercial content during the pandemic.

  • Kids Clothier French Toast Pioneers a Pandemic-Era Necessity: The Socially Distanced Photo Shoot. Adweek. June 24, 2020.
    The necessity to produce new creative for BTS, yet do it in a way that's both thematically and epidemiologically appropriate to the times, led French Toast into wholly uncharted territory: the pandemic-appropriate photo shoot. How do you run a professional shoot when nobody — models, stylists, photographers — can get within six feet of one another? Kids sporting French Toast's back-to-school looks would be shown not clowning on the school bus, sitting in classrooms, or frolicking on the playground but in wide-open spaces like parks, sidewalks, and even their own front yards.

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"Production Best Practices During COVID-19." ANA, July 2020.