Cross Media Measurement

The ANA's Cross Media Measurement (CMM) initiative, which is being undertaken in partnership with the World Federation of Advertisers, attempts to solve for a critical knowledge gap in the marketing industry. During a session at the 2022 ANA Media Conference, a panel of key initiative players and advisors came together to give an update on what the CMM initiative is, the problems it is attempting to address, where it currently stands in development, and what the timeline for a roll out looks like.

Words of Wisdom

"We're taking media measurement out of projection and taking a first-party data approach."
     — Nathalie Bordes, EVP of measurement for marketers at the ANA

"What's wrong for consumers is also wrong for advertisers."
     — Kanishka Das, global eBusiness analytics and insights leader at Procter & Gamble

Key Takeaways

Currently, there is an inability by marketers to accurately measure how many times and how often a campaign reaches individual consumers across media, resulting in an annual average of $15 billion in wasted ad investments and a broken ad experience. The CMM initiative is striving to find a solution that provides full marketing cycle measurement with comprehensive, always-on data capture capabilities across the entire marketing funnel.

The CMM initiative is currently in Phase 1 of its approach to finding this solution. That phase's workstreams include:

  • Virtual ID
  • Data inputs and outputs
  • Panel for calibration
  • TV integration
  • Data infrastructure

A key focus for the initiative has been building an anonymized solution, which will assist in creating a privacy-safe and privacy-compliant tool, both of which characteristics are imperative for future application.

Critical marketing industry issues, such as cookie deprecation, emerging privacy regulation, and more opt-ins, ultimately relate to the rights and desires of consumers. As such, marketers must respond to these evolving consumer expectations. Many consumers feel that the ad marketplace is oversaturated and repetitive. The Cross Media Measurement initiative attempts to create empathy for these consumer concerns among advertisers and address those concerns in a meaningful and effective way.

When successfully developed, the CMM initiative's solution will provide a level of granularity not currently possible for data analysis. It will improve the industry's ability to address issues like inclusivity and accurately and to effectively target multicultural audiences.

Though the Media Rating Council (MRC) is involved in the project in an observation and advisory role, it is not actively building the CMM solution. Its current role is to ensure those actively building the solution are adhering to the MRC's privacy and advertising standards. In the future, once development has been completed, the MRC will audit the solution to ensure compliance and effectiveness.

The CMM initiative anticipates that an integrated, scalable, end-to-end pilot will be ready for testing by Q4 of 2022. Once ready, the initiative will allow brand marketers to run campaigns through the pilot solution for six to eight months, providing insight on whether it is truly sustainable and scalable in a way that meaningfully solves the industry's issues with measurement.

Q&A with Bill Tucker, group EVP and executive director of PRAM at the ANA; Nathalie Bordes, EVP of measurement for marketers at the ANA

Q. Radio is the largest source of incremental reach in the U.S. When will that medium be included in the Cross Media Measurement solution?

Nathalie Bordes: We're really in the process of building this solution from scratch. We started out focusing on TV and digital platforms because that is where we are seeing the biggest measurement gaps. But other media, like radio, are something we also want to include, all in line with the necessary MRC standards. We want this to be the measurement solution that captures it all. Radio will certainly be a part of that.

Q. Why are you focusing on reach and frequency as the output of your tool when many forward-looking media measures are more outcome-based?

Bill Tucker: We started with reach and frequency because there is a large knowledge gap in our industry around those things. What we're building is meant to be a foundation for outcome measurement. If we have a floor of unduplicated reach, you can build exceptionally advanced analytics on top of that to drive outcome.


"Cross Media Measurement." Bill Tucker, group EVP and executive director of PRAM at the ANA; George Ivie, CEO at Media Rating Council; Kanishka Das, global eBusiness analytics and insights leader at Procter & Gamble; Nathalie Bordes, EVP of measurement for marketers at the ANA. 2022 ANA Media Conference, 3/3/22.

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