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Choose Your Own (Adlaw) Adventure!

Executive Summary

Come join Venable for an exciting session where you'll get a chance to help choose what happens! It's 4:30 pm on Friday and the head of Marketing comes to you with an idea for a global marketing campaign to promote the company's new environmental initiative — a campaign that includes a sweepstakes with NFT prizes, donations to charity, influencer participation, lead generation, and the use of cartoon characters in the ads ... and that's just the beginning. What happens next? The crucial choices you make in counseling your client could send you and the company on an adventure that earns millions in sales and even more new customers...or nets it an investigative demand or subpoena from a regulator in the U.S. or another country, exposure to class action litigation in multiple jurisdictions, and a massive drop in stock price.

Join Venable partners Melissa Landau Steinman and Ellen Berge (and perhaps some surprise appearances) as they use the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" book and game format to apply the laws regulating advertising and promotions to this and other "adventures" (or, as we called them in law school, hypotheticals) — with the ultimate outcome of each determined by the audience!

Melissa Steinman
Venable LLP

Ellen Berge
Venable LLP

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