3 Award-Winning LGBTQ+ Campaigns

By Joanna Valente

The best ads are ones where people feel included, represented, and part of a larger community. For the LGBTQ+ community, who haven't been historically included (and have faced discrimination), feeling seen in mainstream media is huge.

All brands want to authentically connect with consumers (otherwise, what's the point?), and to do this, brands also need to consider who they want to reach and how — and what changes may need to be made for real inclusivity to happen. Real inclusivity, of course, isn't just about checking off a box, but embracing everyone for who they are.

The 2022 Multicultural Excellence Awards showcase and highlight campaigns that do just this. Below are some award-winning campaigns that focused on the LGBTQ+ community.

Ponysaurus Brewing

Ponysaurus Brewing created a fund supporting LGBTQ+ rights after North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson made offensive remarks about LGBTQ+ people. As the ANA case study explained how its campaign, "The Lt. Governor's Fund for the Fabulous," was created in his name so the "portion of profits went to support LGBTQ+ rights in North Carolina, including sending LGBTQ+ teens to summer camp — all in his illustrious name."

Ponysaurus Brewing wanted "to ensure that he doesn't become governor in the next election" by creating awareness in the state for voters of all backgrounds and beliefs.


To recognize the International Day of Trans Remembrance, Pantene hosted a quniceañera for 44-year-old transgender women, which symbolized her being able to be visible as her true self to family and friends.

As the ANA case study explained, "hair plays a pivotal role" in someone's life and reported that "60 percent of people that identify as LGBTQ+ change their hair when they have a life or identity change. Hair is a signifier of identity and makes people feel more comfortable and confident, enabling their true self-expression."

Pantene then realized that Isa, a 44-year-old trans woman and mother of two, should celebrate her quinceañera and "tell her real story of bravery, resilience, self-love, and acceptance."

Human Rights Campaign

To support the Equality Act for LGBTQ+ Americans, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) created a Reality Flag. The Reality Flag is an alternate version of the American flag that shows how 29 of the 50 U.S. states still have laws that discriminate against LGBTQ+ people.

The Flag is "an American flag with 29 stars stripped away to represent the 29 states that still deny LGBTQ+ Americans basic freedoms. The Reality Flag is a stark symbol that exposes the current reality for millions of LGBTQ+ Americans."

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Joanna Valente is a director of editorial and content development at ANA.

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