How Uber Is Working with UNITED24 to Support Ukraine

By Dominick Fils-Aimé

YouTube via Uber

On the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Uber partnered with UNITED24, President Zelenskyy's global donations platform, to launch a new cartop advertising campaign to raise funds to send life-saving ambulances to Ukraine.

The campaign is leveraging thousands of digital cartop displays across seven U.S. cities (Boston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles) to share messages encouraging people to support Ukraine's emergency medical teams by raising funds for highly specialized type-C ambulances equipped with essentials such as defibrillators, cardiac monitors, oxygen tanks, and artificial lung ventilator devices.

"After one year since the full-scale invasion started, we are still fighting for every donation in support of Ukraine, as well as for the world's attention," said UNITED24 coordinator Yaroslava Gres on the organization's website. "We are extremely grateful to Uber for their constant support — helping us both to raise funds for ambulances that save lives daily, and to keep the democratic world's focus on Ukraine, through creative collaboration."

The partnership is an extension of Uber's Keep Ukraine moving initiative — an in-app campaign encouraging riders across the U.S, Canada, and Europe to donate to the cause by showcasing stories of heroism from Ukrainian drivers helping their communities during war.

The campaign has already raised $3 million for 50 ambulances through in-app rider donations and matching grants from the ride sharing company. This cartop campaign enables Uber to drive further awareness of the program beyond its app, such as telling the stories of the drivers who helped save lives. 

Uber's campaign is just the latest effort in a series of initiatives serving to support Ukraine in its time of crisis. These efforts include:

  • Partnering with UNITED24 to enable riders in 80 cities across 16 countries in Europe to send messages of solidarity and make donations for much needed ambulances.
  • Providing more than 100,000 free rides to Ukrainian refugees and aid workers to help them reach safe locations away from fighting or cross borders into neighboring countries.
  • Offering free transportation to local Ukrainian nonprofits supporting displaced families and staff.
  • Working with the Ministry of Health to provide access to free transportation for doctors, nurses, patients, and frontline health care workers at more than 100 hospitals across the country.
  • Providing free deliveries of discounted medications to older and housebound Ukrainians.

Check out one of the driver stories here:

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Dominick Fils-Aimé is a manager of editorial and content development at ANA.