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5 Inspiring Quotes on Staying Culturally Relevant


ANA events bring together some of the smartest and most-talented marketers in the industry to share insights and best practices that help ANA members get the most out of their own marketing efforts.

Naturally, when ANA members and other top marketers get together, the potential for a great soundbite or two is very high. For this reason, we'll be collecting and sharing the top quotes from ANA events during each month throughout 2022.

Below, you can find the top quotes from ANA speakers for August:

"What is true today may not necessarily be true two years from now and what's true two years from now may not be true today. Sustainability, purpose, and innovation are evolving at the speed of consumer culture, and you have to have some amount of flexibility to adjust at the same speed. The strongest brands do adjust at that speed."
— Jeff Fromm, author of The Purpose Advantage

The next time someone tells you, "Well this is the way we've always done it," point them to this quote from the remarkably intelligent Jeff Fromm. Things are evolving faster than ever. Your marketing strategy needs to, as well.

"The truth is, cultural relevance can grow your business at every stage of the purchase funnel. The most talked about brands grow faster than the category average. If you are considered culturally relevant, you are more likely to gain consideration. You are more likely to be purchased the first time. You are more likely to be purchased a second time, and you are more likely to be recommended. This is math, and it is quantifiable."
— Kristen Cavallo, CEO at The Martin Agency

It's hard to believe in the year of our lord 2022 that some people still question the value of social media marketing. But now we have quantifiable data that shows cultural relevance — something your brand can achieve almost exclusively through social media — is a proven growth driver. If you're not using your social channels to up your brand's cultural relevance, you're falling behind your competitors.

"Honestly, I was terrified because I didn't know what the hell the metaverse really was."
— Sofia Colucci, global VP of the Miller family of brands at Molson Coors Beverage Company

Frankly, we just love how honest this quote is. Sometimes it's okay or even beneficial to admit what you don't know.

"Customers are people. People don't act in a linear fashion. People don't follow directions. They just don't. So why should you be beholden in your reporting to assuming people follow directions, that they follow the path every time?"
— Scott Cohen, director, CRM lead conversion at SmileDirectClub

According to Cohen, an over-reliance on last click attribution is creating a situation where marketing teams are leaving out upwards of 40 percent of the conversions and revenue generated by their efforts. With the wealth of data that exists today, there is absolutely no reason your marketing team shouldn't be able to prove the value of each of its efforts. Speaking of data...

"Producing relevant content based off customer data [is] a major problem for people because now we're awash in data. Everybody has more data than they did five years doesn't mean it's any more actionable. In a lot of cases, it's less because there's decision paralysis."
— Jeremy Goldman, director of marketing and commerce briefings at Insider Intelligence

We hear more and more about how future brands will find success by being able to execute one-to-one, hyper-personalized marketing efforts. This will not be easy. But it is possible, thanks to the aforementioned wealth of data marketers now have at their fingertips. If your brand hasn't done so already, it's time to start investing in AI to help you make sense of all of this data and avoid decision paralysis.

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Ryan Dinger is a director of editorial and content development at ANA.