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These B2B Companies Highlighted & Empowered Women

By Joanna Fragopoulos

Empowering women to open businesses, play sports, pursue a passion, and feel good in their bodies are not necessarily things you expect a B2B company to do. However, the latest B2 Awards showcase campaigns that undertake such important work. Below are some award-winning campaigns that are making changes for the better.


Deloitte's WNBA 2022 campaign championed the organization to highlight women's sports and empower women. The effort targeted U.S. business services buyers, general basketball and WNBA fans, and Deloitte's current and potential professionals as a way to create awareness for the WNBA.
To do so, the company told inspiring stories of WNBA players. This effort resulted in 163 percent growth in impressions YOY.


Mastercard's campaign aimed to reach Black female small businesses and small business owners in the U.S. According to the company, as described in the ANA case study, "Black women were the highest growing segment of entrepreneurial SBOs, but [Mastercard] hypothesized that given historical systemic inequities, they may be feeling the weight of challenges more — an interesting tension point to validate and if true, create greater awareness around."

Content such as whitepapers and B2B marketing sites were created, as well as media content such as live-streamed conversations with activist Natalie Cofield, webinars with Mastercard's senior leaders, and monthly marketing newsletters. Further, Mastercard partnered with Disney's launch of Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's campaign "leveraged ad space in its iconic Swimsuit edition to support women's empowerment and encourage brands to invest in initiatives, policies, and causes supporting women," as described in the ANA case study. To do so, a short film, launch page, influencer partnerships, an AR experience, and social media content was created.

Moreover, the company donated a percentage of its ad revenue to the SI Gender Equity Fund.

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Joanna Fragopoulos is a director of editorial and content development at ANA.

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