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These Campaigns Will Make You Want Chocolate


As some unknown sage is said to have observed, "Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don't need an appointment." The remark captures the enormously soothing power wielded by the world's variety of cocoa products, a sentiment that we fittingly celebrate on July 7th with World Chocolate Day. In honor of the occasion, consider a few of the campaigns used to promote this delectable treat.

Summaries follow below with full descriptions available through the embedded links.

Hershey's Updates Its Logo to Celebrate Women

Hershey and Walmart wanted to create a movement celebrating women during Women's History Month — women who included shoppers, associates, and executives. Walmart's exclusive HerSHEy's bars 12-pack urged stakeholders to "Share one. Inspire all" by posting inspiring women on social media.

Barefoot Cellars Partners with OREO

Barefoot Cellars and OREO Thins partnered to create an adult version of a favorite childhood food and beverage combination.

Chips Ahoy! Appeals to Generation Z with Social Commerce

Cookie brand Chips Ahoy! described some ways in which it has leveraged social commerce to connect with generation Z and modernize its brand.

Hershey Helps Consumers Master Their Movie Night

Hershey partnered with Vudu on an offer to inspire shoppers to master their movie night. To redeem the offer, shoppers visited a microsite featuring Josh Gad as the "Master Your Movie Night" MC, sharing tips, tricks, and hacks to make movie nights more memorable with Hershey.

Godiva Reintroduces Its Brand to Retail

Godiva reintroduced itself to the retail space to offset the loss of its high-end boutique shops after the COVID-19 outbreak.

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