The State of Email Teams

March 28, 2019

Executive Summary

Email is increasingly becoming a team-sport as email teams in mid-to-large enterprises are growing. On average an email campaign involves 11 people, both internal staff and external agencies and partners. This webinar explored how to build and optimize your email teams moving forward, including: (1) what are the key roles in your email team, (2) what skills are successful email teams looking for, (3) what tools teams are using to optimize collaboration and efficiency, and (4) what does the future of email teams looks like.


  • Learn how to differentiate your email strategy from competition by focusing on building a strong and efficient team
  • Understand the unique skills required in your email teams, and what different brands and industries are looking for in email marketers and developers.
  • Get insights into the tools email teams use to increase their efficiency and productivity such as collaboration tools, shared calendars, and more.

Miles DePaul
Head of Marketing for North America

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