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National Beer Day: Showcasing Effective Campaigns


Ben Franklin has been said to have once asserted that "God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy." The attribution appears to have been fabricated, but the popularity of the remark attests to how much it resonates with its hearers, so many of whom share the sentiment.

Given how much satisfaction beer gives us (sometimes too much!), it's appropriate that we should commemorate the fizzy, malty, hoppy beverage on April 7th, National Beer Day. In honor of the occasion, consider the following innovative beer advertising and marketing efforts undertaken to promote this fine elixir.

Celebrate the holiday with your favorite alcohol brand and peruse the best beer ad campaigns — whether you're a craft beer brand enthusiast, or seeking inspiration for your own craft beer marketing strategy.

Corona Celebrates Cinco de Mayo with Free Rides and Free Food

Corona partnered with Uber and Uber Eats to provide Cinco de Mayo's celebrants with free rides and free food deliveries.

Tecate Melds the Worlds of Classical and Popular Music

Beer brand Tecate brought together the San Francisco Philharmonic and emerging hip-hop and reggaeton artists to break down barriers that separate supposedly "elite" musical venues and Hispanic musical traditions.

Heineken Gamifies Brand Engagement to Drive Awareness of Heineken Silver

Heineken launched a digital-first omnichannel campaign that brought to life its modern premium, smooth credentials, and enabled consumers to experience the world of Heineken. The brand created a gamified experience in which consumers could collect "eKoin" by engaging with the brand and redeem the branded currency for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Meet Mark the Michelob Guy

Within 48 hours of a picture of a man holding a Michelob ULTRA beer at a PGA event went viral, the brand immortalized Mark the "Michelob Guy" with his own commercial, custom merchandise, and even ULTRA-sponsored appearances at the next PGA tour stop.

This Vietnamese Beer Brand Celebrated Provincial Pride for the Tet Holiday

Vietnamese beer brand Bia Saigon created individualized packaging to celebrate each of the country's provinces during the celebratory season of Tet. This packaging went on to provide the basis for geo-targeted mobile ads designed to inspire local pride at a time when not everyone was able to travel back home to their native city.

Turning Hate into Charity

As a way of denouncing hurtful comments about the LGBTQ+ community from North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, Ponysaurus Brewing created a fund in his name and a specialty beer, donating proceeds to LGBTQ+ charities, supported by a cross-media campaign.

Corona Fights for Equal Pay for Female Soccer Players

Beer brand Corona strove to promote equal pay for female soccer players in Mexico.

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