How ADT Cracked The Social Code and Grew Its In-House Team

February 18, 2021

Social and Content Marketing in 2020 required many marketers to pivot and redefine what success looks like. At the beginning of 2020, ADT's social and content calendar was planned three months in advance. But with the global pandemic changing the world as we knew it, pre-planned content was no longer relevant. ADT's digital brand team quickly pivoted into a real-time value exchange strategy that taps into what people come to social to do: engage, converse, and share. This new holistic content, social, and paid strategy led to continuously record-breaking months -- and the need to grow the team to support all of the manual work across real-time content ideation, social execution, and media optimizations. In this session, attendees will learn: ADT's Social Media and Content talent organization How to build a business case to grow your in-house team Insights into what social content consumers are engaging with