Digital Ad Spending and Trends In 2021: eMarketer's Outlook

February 18, 2021

2020 was the toughest year for media spending in over a decade. Digital advertising proved resilient compared to traditional, but growth was well below trend and channel allocations shifted to meet the needs of the pandemic economy. 2021 will bring a return to double-digit growth for digital, and a rebound for traditional media — but not a return to the past. In this session, Nicole Perrin, Principal Analyst from eMarketer will walk you through the most important points of their latest forecast of digital and traditional ad spending in the U.S., plus highlights from major global markets. Attendees will learn: How fast digital and traditional media spending will grow in 2021 (and beyond) Which channels are driving more investment in digital ads, and why How the pandemic affected advertisers' digital ad allocations, and which of those shifts will be permanent eMarketer's outlook on major trends for digital advertisers to be aware of in 2021 including changes to how they can identify users and measure results, and the continued rise of e-commerce channel advertising