Who Can You Trust When Working With Others? Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

March 19, 2019

Executive Summary

Almost all advertisers use influencer and affiliate marketing as part of their overall marketing mix. While these third parties might be engaged directly, more frequently they're hired through one or more intermediaries (e.g,. a network or agency) that can be spread throughout the globe. With so many disparate parties working on your behalf, how can you trust that they'll all do the right thing, ensuring you won't become the next target of a regulatory investigation or false advertising claim that was largely outside of your control? This session will explore the contractual and practical steps advertisers can take to help minimize risk when working with affiliate marketers and influencers.

Joseph Lewczak
Davis & Gilbert LLP

W. David Hubbard
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel
Verizon Communications

Todd Hartley
Senior Counsel
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

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