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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has the power to completely change the way brands interact with customers through every touchpoint, and revolutionize the way businesses operate.

To learn more about how the ANA aims to empower marketers with a suite of pragmatic resources that help brands incorporate AI into their strategic roadmaps and daily workflows, visit our AI Practice.

  • The Evolution of Digital Marketing in the Era of AI

    Industry Insights   June 17, 2024  

    As concerns over data security and consumer privacy continue to grow, marketers are confronted with a unique challenge: how to engage audiences effectively while respecting their privacy and remaining in compliance with regulatory legislation across geographies.

  • AI Campaigns and Case Studies

    Industry Insights   March 29, 2024  

    Below are case studies and campaigns that successfully utilized AI.

  • The Coming Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Advertising

    Industry Insights   February 27, 2024  

    The digital advertising landscape in 2024 is poised for significant evolution, shaped by technological advancements, shifting consumer behaviors, and emerging regulatory trends. As we look toward the coming year, these are the trends that are set to redefine the industry.

  • How to Use AI Responsibly in Marketing

    B2C   February 23, 2024  

    Experimenting with generative AI should be controlled and guided by clear and transparent policies, which are sorely lacking. Only 22 percent of companies have generative AI policies, and only 21 percent have an AI ethics policy or responsible AI principles, according to a recent survey.

  • B2B Marketers Wrestle with How to Apply AI

    B2B   February 14, 2024  

    As they build their generative AI strategy, B2B marketers should be aware that the benefits of AI are often contingent on having clean data.

  • How to Know What Is AI Content and What Isn’t

    Event Recaps   February 14, 2024  

    Speakers from Meta discussed the concept of provenance in generative AI, examining existing and emerging solutions for identifying AI-generated content.

  • Dealing with AI Bias in Marketing

    B2C   February 9, 2024  

    As generative AI becomes a more integral aspect of brand marketing, the onus grows on brand managers to reduce and/or eliminate AI bias. Tech giants are quickly filling the void and building their own AI bias safeguards. However, the onus on combating AI bias ultimately falls on individual brands, which need human oversight to ensure the algorithms don't go rogue and the company doesn't end up in a reputational hole.

  • AI Use Case Compendium for Marketing

    Research Reports   February 8, 2024  

    To help you make the most of AI for your marketing programs, we've compiled a compendium of practical use cases and real-world examples.

  • AI Trends and Forecasts

    Conference Session Videos   January 30, 2024  

    In this video, Greg Verdino — the founder of marketing AI consultancy CognitivePath and a professional futurist who has been forecasting AI's impact on marketing for nearly a decade — shared his take on the top AI trends every marketer needs to know to thrive in 2024 (and beyond).

  • AI Trends and Forecasts

    Event Recaps   January 30, 2024  

    Greg Verdino — the founder of marketing AI consultancy CognitivePath and a professional futurist who has been forecasting AI's impact on marketing for nearly a decade — shared his take on the top AI trends every marketer needs to know to thrive in 2024 (and beyond).

  • The Rise of AI in Agencies

    B2C   January 24, 2024  

    Will generative AI spur a creative renaissance among ad agencies? Time will tell, but initial use shows value for clients.

  • Breaking the Sound Barrier: How AI is Transforming Podcast Ads with SiriusXM, Barometer, and ArtsAI

    Marketing Futures Podcast   January 23, 2024  

    Marketing Futures Podcast host Mike Berberich sits down with SiriusXM Media, Barometer, and ArtsAI to discuss a tool they created that leverages AI to analyze podcast episode content on a level previously unheard of.

  • Decoding AI in Marketing: A Practical Guide for Marketers

    Webinar Rewinds   January 17, 2024  

    In a world saturated with AI claims, how does a marketer navigate the sea of options and discern between hype and reality? This webinar is designed to empower marketers by demystifying AI in advertising.

  • A Maturity Model for AI in Marketing

    Money Slides   January 5, 2024  

    CognitivePath schematizes five steps that can be taken across five areas to help your organization’s marketing function achieve AI maturity.

  • Advertisers Emerge the Winners in the 2024 AI Arms Race

    Industry Insights   January 4, 2024  

    2024 will see a massive arms race across all corners of the market. From creative production to audience targeting to analytics and content creation, AI will become pervasive. Advertisers have the most to gain, including lower prices, more efficiency, more precision and better insight.

  • AI and the Future of Streaming Media Advertising

    Industry Insights   January 3, 2024  

    As streaming media companies battle for profitability, AI and machine learning provide them with an opportunity to monetize their content in new and more profitable ways. For agencies and brands that advertise on streaming services, AI allows them to further personalize and customize their ads thanks to more precise targeting data and new forms of creative versioning. All of this should lead to a better experience for the consumer, who will potentially see fewer, more relevant ads.

  • Concerns Around Automation and AI

    Pulse   November 14, 2023  

    While AI holds many promising capabilities to enhance the marketing function, there are clear causes for concern if AI is deployed irresponsibly. R3’s Craig Stein joined the Marketing Futures Podcast to discuss.

  • AI 101: The Challenges and Opportunities

    Pulse   November 7, 2023  

    R3’s Craig Stein joined the Marketing Futures Podcast to break down the primary challenges and opportunities AI brings to the marketing spectrum.

  • How Publishers Should Think About the New Era of Technology

    Industry Insights   October 16, 2023  

    Digital publishers are currently grappling with significant technological disruptions that are reshaping their industry. They face two major challenges: the deprecation of third-party tracking cookies, and the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI). These disruptions will require publishers to adapt and find new strategies to maintain their visibility, revenue, and user experience.

  • 5 Concerns AI Developers Need to Prevent from Materializing

    Industry Insights   September 29, 2023  

    From machine learning algorithms to ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has been invaluable for companies looking to streamline operations and amplify work output, sales, and overall business success. AI-powered home products like cleaning robots and security systems have also helped make life easier and better for consumers. However, while the AI industry has brought forth innumerable benefits, it has also been found to pose some critical concerns.


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