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Marketers have always looked to technology for new ways to innovate and grow. Now, at the dawn of the age of artificial intelligence, it's clear that AI has the potential to radically transform the marketing and advertising industry. How, where, when are but a few of the fundamental questions facing our industry.

The ANA's Artificial Intelligence practice aims to empower marketers with a suite of pragmatic resources that help brands incorporate AI into their strategic roadmaps and daily workflows.

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AI Playbook

Inside this exclusive ANA playbook, you’ll find:

  • A clear explanation of artificial intelligence and generative AI
  • A list of practical ways you can put generative AI to work in your marketing 
  • A generative AI marketing maturity model to gauge where your organization stands today
  • Six initial steps to begin your generative AI marketing transformation
  • GenAI-powered marketing insights, ideas, and inspiration 

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2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference

2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference

We have assembled some of the industry's best experts for the 2024 ANA AI for Marketer Conference and together will explore the myriad use case opportunities marketers are pursuing in applying AI and address the issues and risks around governance, ethics, and intellectual property protection. Leading brands will demonstrate how they're successfully using this technology today and detail the guardrails being put in place to enable long-term success.

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Futures Webinar Series

Gain valuable insights into the latest tech developments and emerging trends with our Futures webinar series. Join industry leaders as they discuss AI, blockchain, Web 3.0, and more. Register now to be part of the conversation and stay ahead of the curve.

December 14th Dear AI: A Conversation About Our Past to Shape Our Future
60 Minutes
MarTech Committee

Focused on collectively improving and celebrating the products, people, processes, and partnerships that enable members to operationalize their marketing efforts at scale.

February 7th MarTech Committee Meeting
Virtual Meeting
April 24th MarTech Committee Meeting
Virtual Meeting
Marketing Futures Committee

Focused on innovative topics and emerging trends, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain technology, Amazon, voice search, and digital transformation.

No events are currently scheduled. Please check back for future events or click the button below to see all available marketing futures committee.

AI Forum

Explores the myriad use case opportunities that marketers are pursuing in applying AI and helps to address the issues and risks around governance, ethics, and intellectual property protection.

December 12th AI Forum Meeting - Building Responsible AI Features and Exploring AI in Creativity & Content
Virtual Meeting
February 14th AI Forum Meeting
Virtual Meeting

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