Ad Associations Send Detailed Letter to Texas House on HB 4390

April 10, 2019

Yesterday the Association of National Advertisers filed a joint letter with other leading ad trade associations in opposition to Texas HB 4390. We believe this bill would fundamentally erode privacy protections for consumers, reduce their access to online content, and lead to numerous negative impacts on the Texas economy.

The bill calls for unprecedented opt-in requirements that are far more sweeping than any others in the U.S. Such requirements would result in consumers being bombarded with endless “I accept” pop-up boxes. This would severely frustrate online users and worsen the online consumer experience. The bill has a number of other counterproductive provisions as well, which we spotlight in the letter.

To read the entire letter to the Texas House of Representatives Committee on Business and Industry please click here.

For any questions about this legislation please contact Group EVP Dan Jaffe ( or SVP Chris Oswald ( or call our Washington D.C. office at 202.296.1883.

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