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More than $300 billion was spent globally in 2021 on marketing technology and as growth continues, so will the complexity of the related issues that arise from the implementation and integration of what are often disparate solutions. Add to this the overwhelming number of martech providers and risks associated with many of them, a severe lack of experienced cross-functional talent, and a role clarity debate between departments, and we can often find ourselves focusing more on the challenges rather than the tremendous opportunities to more effectively leverage data and technology to surprise and delight our customers, and drive growth.

This practice is focused on working with leading brand experts to improve, enhance, and celebrate the products, people, processes, and partnerships that together are transforming the art and science of connecting products and services with those who need and desire them most.

Research and Reports

The Future of MarTech: Rapid Growth and Infinite Possibilities

Learn the ins and outs of marketing technology in this report from ANA Marketing Futures, which informs marketers how to implement tech solutions to capture and analyze customer data, converting it to meaningful insights that allow a brand to differentiate itself in an increasingly personalized selling environment.

Infographic: The Future of MarTech

This visual summary offers insight into how organizations can prepare for the future of marketing technology and ensure the tech that powers their marketing efforts is up-to-date and maximally effective, including auditing their current stack, filling necessary gaps, and keeping up with trends.

MarTech Adoption Benchmark Report

In this report, MRP and Demand Metric partnered to find out how different personas adopt martech differently and how their posture toward martech adoption impacts their ROI. The benchmarking information this study provides can help marketers build a best practice blueprint for acquiring, adopting, and maximizing the ROI on martech.

Marketing Cloud Best Practices for Publishers

When it comes to the utilization of marketing cloud technologies for publishers, there are key components that must be considered in order to ensure success. From tech platform selection to curated content, audience segmentation, customization and engagement, the best practices for publishers are more complex and crucial than ever before.

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MarTech Committee

The ANA MarTech Committee is focused on collectively improving and celebrating the products, people, processes, and partnerships that enable members to operationalize their marketing efforts at scale.

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