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More than $400 billion is spent annually on marketing technology and as growth continues, so will the complexity of the related issues that arise from the implementation and integration of what are often disparate solutions. Add to this the overwhelming number of martech providers and risks associated with many of them, a severe lack of experienced cross-functional talent, and a role clarity debate between departments, and we can often find ourselves focusing more on the challenges rather than the tremendous opportunities to more effectively leverage data and technology to surprise and delight our customers, and drive growth.

This practice is focused on working with leading brand experts to improve, enhance, and celebrate the products, people, processes, and partnerships that together are transforming the art and science of connecting products and services with those who need and desire them most.

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CDP Playbook:

How to Succeed with Customer Data Platforms

The past few years have seen a tsunami of interest in Customer Data Platforms. Yet even though many companies now report they have deployed a CDP, widespread confusion remains about what a CDP is, why you would want one, and how to use it. This playbook will answer those questions and provide other information needed for CDP success.

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Procurement and Implementation Resources

As martech use grows, so too does the complexity of the related issues that arise from the implementation and integration of what are often disparate solutions. This suite of legal documents will help marketers secure substantially better value from their martech investment, drive growth, and eliminate waste.

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2023 ANA Data & Technology Conference

Companies are faced with a long list of challenges to successfully direct their company's marketing data and technology strategy. Whether it's fully leveraging AI, navigating privacy regulations, integrating tech stacks, or building effective and secure data sets, there is a lot to keep today's modern marketers awake at night. The 2023 ANA Data & Technology Conference is designed to take on these and other critical issues head on.

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2023 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

The 2023 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference will showcase the creative thinking and inspirational strategies the world's top CMOs and leading brands have implemented to meet and exceed their customer needs, drive growth, and inspire change. Take part in unmatched networking, entertainment, and special events, and hear inspiring stories of growth, reinvention, and success from C-suite leaders across the industry.

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MarTech Committee

Focused on collectively improving and celebrating the products, people, processes, and partnerships that enable members to operationalize their marketing efforts at scale.

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November 16th MarTech Committee Meeting
Via Webinar (Eastern Time)
MarTech Training

Get the skills you need to advance your career, increase the capabilities of your team, and enhance your brands.

November 16th Modern MarTech: Harnessing Technology to Enhance the Customer Journey - Virtual
Virtual Workshop (Eastern Time)
MarTech Webinar Series

Join our MarTech webinar series and hear from expert speakers on the latest trends and strategies to leverage technology for your marketing campaigns. Register now to gain valuable insights and ask questions with like-minded professionals in the field.

October 11th Fundamentals of Composability and MACH Frameworks for Go-to-Market Leaders
Futures Webinar Series

Gain valuable insights into the latest tech developments and emerging trends with our Futures webinar series. Join industry leaders as they discuss AI, blockchain, Web 3.0, and more. Register now to be part of the conversation and stay ahead of the curve.

November 9th Dear AI: A Conversation About Our Past to Shape Our Future
60 minutes

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