Responsible personalization that safely leverages data and technology to deliver effective brand engagement at scale.

The use of data to derive insights, develop creative, traffic communications, and measure and optimize performance is vital, and it's evolving fast. Platform and regulatory changes like the deprecation of third-party cookies and the advent of new privacy laws around the world will require new consumer-focused and privacy-compliant solutions as well as new marketing skills to responsibly reach the intended audience, improve customer experience, and drive growth.

We're focused on providing products and services — such as training, committees, conferences, webinars, and detailed summary reports — to help members understand and effectively navigate the evolving addressability landscape while enhancing and optimizing their prior and future investments.

Research and Reports

Privacy and the Consumer (PDF)

This paper is an informative summary of the most relevant recent global research on consumer sentiment related to privacy and the use of identity. It provides actionable steps for advertisers to consider as they adjust and plan to do business in today’s more privacy-responsible marketplace.

Masters Circle
Survey (PDF)

This 2021 flash survey focused on CMOs' awareness of platform plans to limit the use of third-party data and their preparedness to respond with more effective uses of first-party strategies and other industry solutions being proposed.

Morning Consult Research (PDF)

This 2021 research focused on current consumer perspectives related to online tracking, opt-in vs. opt-out, and the process associated with each of these experiences on iOS given their recent launch of the ATT prompt.

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The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media

More than 400 companies and trade associations from around the world — including leadership from the ANA and many of the world's leading brands, agencies, publishers, ad tech partners, and platforms — are participating in the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM).

We're working to develop privacy-preserving principles, standards, and infrastructure for addressable communications between consumers and businesses that safely leverage data to improve campaign optimization and attribution, increase transparency among partners, support funding for content and services, and operate across channels.


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Resources and Support

Government Relations

Our Washington, D.C. team provides a rigorous legislative and regulatory defense of marketers on the national and state levels.

For more about our advocacy efforts, please visit our Government Relations page.

Data, Technology, and Measurement

Among the most important initiatives within the ANA Growth Agenda are those centered on data, technology, and measurement — the engines that will lead marketers into the future. And yet, this is an area where marketing leaders may not be well-versed. Working together as an industry, we will harness the power and promise of data and technology to attain peak performance.

For more about our advocacy efforts, please review our Data, Technology, and Measurement resources.

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