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Ongoing conversations have emphasized privacy-focused solutions and adapting to the deprecation of third-party cookies. The use of data to derive insights, develop creative, traffic communications, and measure and optimize performance is vital, and it's evolving fast. Platform and regulatory changes, coupled with the deprecation of third-party cookies and the introduction of new privacy laws worldwide, will necessitate innovative consumer-focused and privacy-compliant solutions, along with new marketing skills.

These developments are crucial to responsibly reaching target audiences, enhancing customer experiences, and driving growth. Our commitment lies in providing a range of products and services — encompassing training, committees, conferences, webinars, and comprehensive summary reports — to empower members in understanding and adeptly navigating the evolving landscape of addressability. This, in turn, enables them to enhance and optimize their past and future investments effectively.

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Google Privacy
Partnership Panel

ANA engages closely with the Google Chrome and ads teams, offering insights on evolving privacy strategies, including privacy sandbox APIs, and addressing such topics as ads regulation.

This partnership allows ANA members to contribute to the development of privacy-preserving technologies, impacting the future of online advertising responsibly.

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ANA Compendium of Addressable
Marketing Use Cases

This Compendium of Addressable Marketing Use Cases was assembled as part of the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM) efforts to develop privacy-preserving principles, standards, and infrastructure for addressable communications between consumers and businesses that safely leverage data.

More than 400 companies and 1,000 individuals — including leadership from the ANA and many of the world's leading brands, agencies, publishers, ad tech partners, and platforms — participated in this effort, which was completed in 2022.

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Connect with the ANA Addressability Community

2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference

The 2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference will assemble some of the industry's best experts to explore the myriad use case opportunities marketers are pursuing in applying AI and will address the issues and risks around governance, ethics, and intellectual property protection.

You’ll hear real examples from leading brands that demonstrate how they're successfully using this technology to improve performance and drive efficiencies, and how some are putting guardrails in place to enable long-term success.

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2024 ANA Marketing Technology for Marketers Conference

The 2024 ANA Marketing Technology for Marketers Conference will explore how emerging capabilities like Generative AI, Composability, and Low Code/No Code are being used to create brilliant customer experiences more efficiently and effectively.

Join our panel of cross-functional industry experts to hear how leading brands are leveraging data and technology to enable some of the world's most innovative marketing programs and how they have learned to master their stack to exceed their business objectives.

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Addressability Training

Get the skills you need to advance your career, increase the capabilities of your team, and enhance your brands.

October 22 Reaching Your Audience in a Post-Cookie World - Virtual
Virtual Workshop (Eastern Time)
December 17 Critical Thinking for Marketing Success - Virtual
Virtual Workshop (Eastern Time)
Addressability Webinars

Gain insights from ANA Addressability thought leaders and industry partners as they dive into the future of digital advertising, driven by regulatory focus and platform changes. Join us as we navigate these challenges and uncover new opportunities.

July 25 Embracing the Cookie-less Era: Strategies, Innovations, and Action Plans
30 Minutes
October 2 Where Does Digital Identity Go from Here? (Addressability Webinar Series)
30 Minutes

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Data, Technology, and Measurement

Working together as an industry, we will harness the power and promise of data, technology, and measurement — the engines that will lead marketers into the future.

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Government Relations

Using the reach and influence of the ANA to achieve positive outcomes for legislative, regulatory, and legal developments that impact the ability of our members and the advertising industry at large to drive growth.

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Marketing Technology

Focused on improving, enhancing, and celebrating the products, people, processes, and partnerships that are transforming the art and science of connecting products and services with those who need and desire them most.

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