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Marketing Futures Podcast

Building the Future We Want, with Tameka Vasquez, founder of The Future Quo

1 week ago

Futurist and founder of The Future Quo Tameka Vasquez joined the Marketing Futures Podcast to explain why brands must take an active role in creating a better future.

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Why Business Transformation Is an Ongoing Exercise — Not a Singular Moment

1 week ago

On the Marketing Futures podcast, Tameka Vasquez, futurist and founder of the Future Quo, explains why business transformation is an ongoing process rather than just a single moment in time.

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Event Recaps

Staying on the Cutting Edge Through Analytics Adoption at Hilton

6 days ago

Representatives from Hilton discussed how they transformed their brand’s marketing measurement — including a critical shift in how they viewed KPIs — by shifting to marketing mix modeling.

Knowledge Partners

Brand Guardianship Index, 2023

1 week ago

Brand Finance presents its annual report on the world’s top CEOs.

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Ask the Expert Answers

CMO Trends and Best Practices

1 week ago

What are CMOs current concerns, and how are they overseeing marketing at their companies?

Champions of Growth

The CMO Salary Slope

1 week ago

Nicole Balsam with Eastward Partners joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the results of the research firm's U.S. CMO Market Report released in 2022. Balsam talks about the trendlines in CMO compensation and why the growing pressure on CMOs to bolster their digital capabilities transcends tenure.

Global CMO Growth Council

The Global CMO Growth Council was established in 2018 as a way for the global community of chief marketers to come together in unified leadership to transform marketing into a force for growth and a force for good.

Driven by the ANA Growth Agenda and led by Procter & Gamble chief brand officer Marc Pritchard, the Global CMO Growth Council is committed to helping CMOs look much further ahead to envision what their brands, business, and society will need to grow in the coming months and years ahead.

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Marketing Organization

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Event Recaps

The Seven Functional Building Blocks of Great Marketing Analytics Teams

1 month ago

MarketBridge’s Andy Hasselwander shared seven functional capabilities of analytics teams that will drive success and elevate the way in which the team is perceived across the rest of the organization.


Why Mapping Demand Drivers is Critical to a Successful Marketing Reorg

3 months ago

Portia Mount, VP of marketing at Trane Technologies, outlined how mapping demand drivers was a critical step in reorganizing her brand’s marketing function and creating more efficiency.

Mastering MarTech

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Podcast Clips

Opportunities for Small- and Mid-Sized Brands in the Metaverse

1 month ago

Infinite Reality's Elliott Jobe shares his perspective on how small- and mid-sized brands can ride the coattails of larger brands developing the technology necessary to realize the metaverse, ultimately developing a creator strategy that allows them to connect more deeply with consumers.

Podcast Clips

Are Humans Right to be Worried About Microchip Implants?

1 month ago

Using the example of knee replacements or pacemakers, futurist Faith Popcorn and Marketing Futures host Michael Berberich offer some comfort to people who may be weary of a future where the human body is bound to technology via something like a microchip being implanted into the brain.

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