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ASK Answers

Compendiums based on ANA member research requests.

Marketing to Asian Americans

1 week ago

How can my brand authentically connect with the AAPI community?

Segmentation Strategies

1 week ago

How are brands handling their segmentation strategies?

Agile Marketing

2 weeks ago

How can I adopt an agile marketing approach in my organization?

Sonic Branding: Using Music and Audio as a Marketing Tool

2 weeks ago

How can brands use audio and music to reach consumers?

Case Studies

Results of ANA Award-winning marketing campaigns.

A Brand Revamp for Schwab

2 weeks ago

Learn how Schwab earned quick “street cred” among traders and proved that they were committed to providing the same — or better — technology, innovation, support, and education that they’d come to rely on from Ameritrade.

The 7-Eleven X Pac-Man Collaboration

2 weeks ago

7-Eleven leveraged the key insight of gen Z's longing for nostalgia to create a campaign that would appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike. The company looked to its classic partnership from the 1980’s and the iconic Pac-Man gameplay and let the retro design influence the campaign creative – all while staying true to the 7-Eleven brand.

Empowering Girls through Sports

1 month ago

Basketball is more than a game. It helps shape communities and inspires change, both on and off the court. DICK'S Sporting Goods and Nike recognized the challenges young female basketball players face in sport and partnered to build a program that would empower the next generation of girl ballers.

Event Recaps

Summaries of presentations at ANA conferences and committee meetings.

Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Retail Media

1 week ago

During a session at a May 2024 meeting of the ANA’s Commerce Marketing Committee, consultant and analyst Andrew Lipsman shared eight facts that illuminate what makes retail media so valuable and how to capitalize on it, as well as the challenges that still dog the channel.

A 21-Step Process to Streamline In-House Work

2 weeks ago

During a session held at the ANA’s 2024 In-House Agency Conference, Securian Financial described the 21-step process its in-house agency has developed to streamline the process of responding to business partners’ requests.

10 Tips to Help Nonprofits Become More Nimble Fundraisers and Marketers

3 weeks ago

During a session held at a May 2024 meeting of the ANA’s Nonprofit Organization Committee, audience members received recommendations on the use of technology and audience targeting (among other topics) from Jeffery Owens, territorial director of marketing at The Salvation Army USA, Western Territory.

Knowledge Partners

Third-party content submitted by agencies and brands.

Everything Wrong with TV Measurement: The Attribution Playbook for TV Advertisers

2 weeks ago

In this report, Marketing Architects identifies top challenges facing advertisers when measuring TV’s effectiveness and provides a playbook for solving them.

The Role of Customer Analytics Throughout the Value Chain: Applying Customer-centric Thinking to Fuel Growth

2 weeks ago

This paper explores the opportunities for brands to use customer analytics and the concept of customer centricity as a core business strategy in driving brand experience and growth.

Captivating Characters in Advertising: Harnessing the Power of Fluent Devices

by Jon Evans, 3 weeks ago

System1 shares how leveraging characters can differentiate a brand, enhance branded storytelling, and induces positive feelings among consumers.

Money Slides

The best standalone PowerPoint slides from presentations at ANA events.

The Most Important Factors to Clients in Selecting an Agency

2 weeks ago

The ANA shares survey data that sheds light on the most important criteria motivating a client’s choice of an agency, with cost topping the list.

A Maturity Model for the Skills and Aptitudes of Modern Marketers

2 weeks ago

Douwe Bergsma, CMO at health care provider Piedmont, shares a framework for assessing the maturity of a modern marketer’s capabilities.

Quantifying the Dominance of Google, Meta, and Amazon in the Advertising Industry

2 weeks ago

Omnicom shares data that sheds light on how much Google, Meta, and Amazon dominate the advertising industry, with a projection for how this dominance will continue to grow in the coming years in the auction space for digital media.

Playbooks & Tools

How-to resources, including templates, guides, tips, and more.

Content Marketing Playbook

2 months ago

Use this step-by-step playbook and set of 34 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive content marketing plan.

Shopper Marketing Playbook

2 months ago

Follow this simple, step-by-step playbook to develop and implement a shopper marketing strategy that increases sales, builds shopper insights, and grows brand awareness.

Firing Your Agency Quick Win Package

4 months ago

ANA's Firing Your Agency Quick Win package includes a high-level cheat sheet and a comprehensive, customizable checklist to guide you through every step of the way when parting with your agency — assessment, communication, offboarding, and transition.


Insightful discussions on marketing trends, brand purpose, and more.

Cracking the Innovation Code, with Tony Ulwick of Strategyn

1 year ago

Innovation doesn’t have to be a mystery. In reality, it’s a process like any other, grounded in concrete, repeatable steps that just about anyone can learn, and ultimately perfect. Today’s guest, Tony Ulwick, CEO and founder of Strategyn, shows us how.

Dr. Bronner’s: A Purpose Brand Like No Other

2 years ago

Gero Leson, VP of special operations at Dr. Bronner's, is a pioneer in the movement to socially just and environmentally responsible supply chains. He joined Ken Beaulieu, host of the Beyond Profit Podcast, to discuss the company once described as a for-profit with the DNA of a nonprofit.

Why Meaning Matters

2 years ago

In this episode of Beyond Profit, host Ken Beaulieu talks with Ujwal Arkalgud, about why brands should understand the language they use in storytelling, the role meaning plays in driving brand purpose, two trends we should keep an eye on, and more.

Training Takeaways

Get smarter at a glance with career-critical insights drawn from expert-led trainings.

Aligning the Customer Journey to Goals: Lead Gen Versus Retention

3 months ago

The USPS offers examples of how you can tailor your customer journey to either lead generation or retention.

Four Tips for Finding Your Most Valuable Direct Mail Audience

3 months ago

To make direct mail more effective with segmentation, you have to know how to categorize your audience. Finer, more granular audience targeting will focus your message on those who will be the most receptive to it. To achieve just this, consider four tips drawn from the ANA’s Affiliate Training Program, The USPS Advanced Marketing Certificate Program.


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