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How Retailers Can Make Better Connections with More Shoppers

by Sherene Hilal, 4 hours ago

The weeks leading up to the holidays can be stressful for retail marketers desperate to hit their goals, and that can lead many to throw good money after bad tactics to gain some quick traction. A common example is the focus on reach. Too many retail marketers focus on acquiring customer contact information (usually email addresses) to get in front of net new shoppers and hit acquisition goals without any focus on the relevant data that can help them turn those email addresses (read: shoppers) into first-time buyers.

Industry Insights

What Is a Single Customer View? A Guide

by Larisa Bedgood, 6 days ago

In today’s data-driven world, businesses strive to understand and connect with their customers on a personal level. This connection goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about building meaningful relationships.

Ask the Expert Answers

Compendiums based on ANA member research requests.

Marketing to Men

2 weeks ago

How are brands successfully connection with male consumers?

Agency Compensation Methods & Models

1 month ago

What are some considerations for choosing an agency compensation model?

Case Studies

Results of ANA Award-winning marketing campaigns.

McDonald’s Creates an Immersive Diwali Celebration for the Asian Indian Community

2 weeks ago

McDonald’s collaborated with designer Megha Rao to create an immersive Diwali celebration that reinforced the brand’s commitment to the Asian Indian community.

Citi Partnered with Michaela Jaé Rodriguez for Its Chosen Name Campaign

3 months ago

Citi has been committed to helping drive an equitable and inclusive culture. Citi’s Chosen Name program, originally launched in 2020, gives transgender and non-binary customers the choice to update their eligible Citi-branded cards to match their true identity.

How CVS Helped Its Internal Teams

3 months ago

Meeting Manners introduced new rules around meeting etiquette to help colleagues enjoy more productive days, feel less stress and ultimately, feel happier about where they worked.

Event Recaps

Summaries of presentations at ANA conferences and committee meetings.

Eight Data Points That Shed Light on the Behavior and Attitudes of Hispanic Viewers

3 weeks ago

Nielsen shares the results of recent research that illuminates how Hispanic viewers engage with and feel about TV and streaming.

Driving Excitement and Conversation with Creators

1 month ago

Dan Sykora, VP of creative+ at Paramount, showcased how both Mars Wrigley and MPB leveraged Paramount’s annual VidCon event to drive deeper connections with generation Z.

How Motel 6 Has Committed to DEI as a Built-In Strategy for Success

1 month ago

Motel 6 sought to foster its DEI and multicultural marketing programs. Leaders from Motel 6, Barkley, and The Corazón Agency unveiled the winning strategies behind Motel 6's successes, and how it became a more inclusive business internally and externally.

Knowledge Partners

Third-party content submitted by agencies and brands.

The Streaming Generation Gap Is Smaller Than You Think

1 week ago

MNTN Research shares insights that challenge the idea that people who view content via streaming skew younger.

Retail Media Networks: An R3 Primer

3 weeks ago

R3 provides an introduction to Retail Media Networks, complete with financial projections for the booming new media, case studies detailing how they are being leveraged by brands, and a detailed breakdown of the players on the market and their capabilities, both in the U.S. and globally.

How Can Your Digital Ads Achieve Attention?

4 weeks ago

System1 shares insights on how brands can optimize their advertising across social media and other digital channels.

Money Slides

The best standalone PowerPoint slides from presentations at ANA events.

Consumers' Concerns About AI, by the Numbers

1 week ago

Media agency Carat shares Dentsu data on which concerns about AI most worry consumers and which applications for the new technology they most support.

The Projected Growth of the 50-Plus Economy in the U.S.

1 week ago

The AARP charts the expected growth of the 50-year-old-and-over population in the U.S., along with the expected growth in this demographic’s spending power.

Playbooks & Tools

How-to resources, including templates, guides, tips, and more.

Content Marketing Editorial Calendar 2024

2 months ago

Use this calendar template to keep track of your content marketing and distribution efforts.

Editorial Calendar Template 2024

2 months ago

A report to track editorial calendar opportunities and their associated deadlines.

Marketing Calendar Template 2024

2 months ago

A professionally designed calendar to organize, summarize, and communicate all of your marketing activities.


Insightful discussions on marketing trends, brand purpose, and more.

Cracking the Innovation Code, with Tony Ulwick of Strategyn

1 year ago

Innovation doesn’t have to be a mystery. In reality, it’s a process like any other, grounded in concrete, repeatable steps that just about anyone can learn, and ultimately perfect. Today’s guest, Tony Ulwick, CEO and founder of Strategyn, shows us how.

Dr. Bronner’s: A Purpose Brand Like No Other

1 year ago

Gero Leson, VP of special operations at Dr. Bronner's, is a pioneer in the movement to socially just and environmentally responsible supply chains. He joined Ken Beaulieu, host of the Beyond Profit Podcast, to discuss the company once described as a for-profit with the DNA of a nonprofit.


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