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CAMP Certification Renewal

Ensuring continued education throughout your career

Once you become CAMP-certified, you are immediately CAMP-certified for one year following your certification date and eligible for certification renewal for subsequent years. CAMP certification holders have multiple pathways toward recertification each year through engagement with the ANA's educational tools and content.


How do I keep my certification current?


Effective November 1, 2023, there is a new process for how continuing education units (CEUs) are applied to your certification status. To keep your Certified ANA Marketing Professional (CAMP) certification current, you must complete 10 continuing education units (CEUs) for every year following the certification date. Under the new calculation method, your credits will be automatically applied to prior years where thresholds were not met. This will enable CAMP members who are behind in their CEUs to automatically advance certification years through normal consumption of qualifying CEUs. This new approach removes the need to request any extensions and your status will automatically be updated.

Attending ANA conferences, training programs, and webinars and viewing or downloading content from our Marketing Knowledge Center will earn you assigned CEU points, as outlined below. Please note that there is a one-month delay in reporting earned CEUs for attendance at live events. Live events include all conferences, committee meetings, training (except for on-demand), and webinars (except for pre-recorded webinars).

Upon completing your recertification requirements, you'll receive a new CAMP digital badge reflecting the year your certification is current.

ANA Conferences

The ANA delivers hundreds of live, virtual, and hybrid educational conferences to its members each year, which are eligible for CAMP CEUs:

6 CEUs

3 CEUs

3 CEUs

You may earn up to six CEUs in this category.

ANA Training

For those who want to go deeper on a specific topic, the ANA offers half-day, full-day, two- and three-day marketing training programs, and on-demand course and certificate program options. These are eligible for CEUs also:

  • ANA 3-Day Workshop

6 CEUs

  • ANA 2-Day Workshop

6 CEUs

  • ANA Full-Day or Half-Day Workshop
    (In-Person or Virtual)

3 CEUs

  • ANA On-Demand Certificate Program

3 CEUs

  • ANA On-Demand Course


You may earn up to six CEUs in this category.

ANA Webinars

ANA webinars occur weekly. Attending a live webinar is eligible for one CEU.

You may earn up to two CEUs in this category.

ANA Marketing Knowledge Center

Our Marketing Knowledge Center provides relevant and timely insights, tools, and resources to help you expand your brand. Each content piece viewed or downloaded from the Marketing Knowledge Center is eligible for 0.2 CEUs, including pre-recorded webinars.

You may earn up to two CEUs in this category. 

How do I know how many CEUs I've earned?


If you are logged in, you can review your continuing education units (CEUs) details through the Member Welcome Center on the ANA home page.

CAMP certification holders can also easily check how many CEUs have been earned toward their certification renewal on this page.