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The ANA Email Excellence Center was created to help you use email more effectively to grow, engage, and retain your customer base. Email is the single most utilized marketing communications tool in business today. Whether your company is B2C, B2B, DTC, or a combination of all, we have the resources to help you succeed.

The Center provides "thought leadership in action,” with the goals of:

    • Building your brands and businesses
    • Sharing the latest industry trends on demand through insightful and timely surveys
    • Producing the most trusted global industry conference, where you will learn from industry experts
    • Developing a leadership committee that drives practical, applicable insights to use in your business
    • Programming can’t-miss webinars with the latest techniques and tactics in email marketing to help you drive email excellence

Research and Reports

The latest from our content library

Money Slides

Giving Email Marketers the Best of CDPs and ESPs

3 days ago

Email technology consultancy Email Connect identifies the technologies that best integrate the capabilities of a CDP (customer data platform) and an ESP (email service provider) for the purposes of email marketing.

B2 Awards

How National Grid Positioned Energy Efficiency as a Business Opportunity

3 weeks ago

National Grid launched the “More Opportunities in More Places” campaign, leveraging industry-specific imagery and unexpected messaging that highlighted the business benefits of energy-efficiency.

B2 Awards

Verizon Leverages a Data-Centric Email Strategy to Drive Business with SMBs

3 weeks ago

Leveraging data and principles of account-based marketing, Verizon was able to create an email experience for small business owners and improve its business results significantly.