Educating and inspiring the next generation of marketing talent.

Founded in 1983, the ANA Educational Foundation (AEF) is the bridge that connects the advertising, marketing and academic communities. Together they educate and inspire the next generation of talent while advancing the understanding of marketing and advertising in society. In 2015, the AEF joined ANA as its educational foundation.

The AEF achieves its mission through three core pillars:


Partnership Programs

To help professors, practitioners, and students learn, collaborate, and innovate together, AEF brings professionals direct from the field to classrooms as guest speakers, partners academics with agencies and marketing organizations, and honors inspiring marketing and advertising trailblazers, as well as outstanding students.

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Academic Resources

Educational content is the cornerstone of AEF’s mission and is key to enriching the understanding of advertising and marketing in society, culture, and the economy. Its academic publications and projects include Advertising & Society Quarterly (ASQ), ADText, and Race & Ethnicity in Advertising - America in the 20th Century.

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Building Talent

Brands are struggling to entice recent college graduates to seek careers in advertising, due partially to a lack of communication between marketers, professors, and students. AEF seeks to not only identify the causes of the talent problem but to offer proactive solutions.

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Give the Gift of ANA University Membership Program

To keep our next generation of talent engaged and the professors who educate them inspired, the ANA Educational Foundation is asking the industry to donate an ANA membership directly to a university of their choice.

As university budgets are extremely tight, especially given the pandemic, donating ANA memberships to universities will unlock tremendous value to both professors and students to incorporate the current reality of marketing and advertising into academia!

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MADE Internship Program

Developed by AEF for the next generation of leaders, the MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) summer internship program originated from findings uncovered in the study "Bridging the Talent Disconnect: Charting Pathways to Future Growth." That report revealed a serious need for a robust internship experience as a critical step to future entry-level employment in the advertising and marketing industry.

The goal of the MADE program is to channel the highest quality, most diverse talent into a best-in-class summer internship program that showcases the excitement, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit of what the marketing and advertising industry has to offer.

Honors Night

Through the annual Honors Night, AEF acknowledges its industry partners' contributions to education and the development of tomorrow's outstanding talent.

The Honors Night gala recognizes one outstanding organization from each of AEF's constituencies – marketers, agencies, and media – for its accomplishments in the industry and its support of the AEF mission. A Lifetime Achievement Award and Inspire Award are also presented to individuals for their exceptional contributions.

Proceeds help fulfill AEF's educational initiatives for professors and students, and contribute to building the next generation of talent.

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