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Brands today are expected to make a world of difference for people and the planet. The ANA Brands for Humanity Coalition serves to galvanize the marketing community around a common mission — to advance the impact of brands as forces for good and for growth.

The Coalition is united in principle by a brands for humans ethos; a passion for more purposeful and ethical marketing; a focus on fostering diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging; the missions of nonprofit organizations to improve the world; a drive for social responsibility and environmental sustainability; an aspiration for gender equality in all marketing and advertising; a more transparent and safe supply chain; and an internet experience free of toxicity.

Meet the members of the Brands for Humanity Coalition in this brief overview.

Brands for Humanity Coalition members:

SeeHer is a movement led by the ANA to accurately portray all women and girls in marketing, advertising, media and entertainment, so they see themselves as they truly are and in all their potential.

AIMM brings together senior thought leaders from the African-American, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ and general market communities to evolve multicultural and diverse-segment marketing in America.

In a world where climate change should make sustainability top of mind, the Society and Sustainability Collective helps drive social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

The ANA Center for Brand Purpose provides the education, guidance, and leadership to maximize marketers’ understanding of purposeful marketing and its significance to driving brand growth.

Engage Responsibly is an all-in approach to tackling online hate speech, working collaboratively with businesses, social media platforms, nonprofits, and capability contributors to drive action.

As a leader in self-regulation, the Center for Ethical Marketing's accountability programs help businesses build consumer trust and best meet the needs of their customers.

Since 1982, the ANA Nonprofit Federation and its predecessor organizations have been aggressive and effective advocates for nonprofits in postal, regulatory, legislative, and accountability issues.

Founded in 1983, the ANA Educational Foundation (AEF) is the bridge that connects the advertising, marketing and academic communities.

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Learn and Network with Members

Brand Purpose Committee

This committee focuses on bringing member brands and nonprofits together to discuss the critical role purpose plays in driving organizational growth and positive social change.

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No events are currently scheduled. Please check back for future events or click the button below to see all available brand purpose committee.

DE&I Forum

This forum provides a place where professionals can be briefed on current thought leadership, learn from case studies presented by market leaders, and network and share best practices with peers.

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October 19th DE&I Forum
Via Webinar (Eastern Time)
December 8th DE&I Forum
Via Webinar (Eastern Time)
Ethics Policy Committee

This committee reviews pending activities at the federal and state levels to ensure quick and transparent solutions for consumers having challenges with marketing offers and concerns about data privacy.

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November 9th Ethics Policy
Via Zoom
LGBTQ+ Forum

This forum exists to educate marketers on best practices for inclusion of LGBTQ+ in advertising, provide support for LGBTQ+ marketers, and drive more meaningful community-brand connections.

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December 14th LGBTQ+ Forum
Virtual Meeting (Eastern Time)
Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Committee

This committee sits at the intersection of multicultural marketing and diversity management, educating and informing members on key multicultural and diversity topics.

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December 12th Multicultural Marketing & Diversity
New York
Nonprofit Organizations Committee

This committee meets to discuss both ethics and policy matters of vital importance, from state solicitation law and federal tax giving incentives to postal regulations and privacy concerns.

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November 2nd Nonprofit Organizations
Via Zoom
Sustainability Committee

This committee will address each of the segments of Sustainability — Wellness, Society, and Planet — with a focus on being a force for good and a force for growth.

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November 8th Sustainability Committee Meeting November 2023
Virtual Meeting (Eastern Time)

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