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Unlocking Potential: 2024 Best Practices for Recruiting from and Marketing at HBCUs


Start: Thursday, July 18, 2024 at 11:00am

End: Thursday, July 18, 2024 at 3:00pm


11:00 AM EST
Via Virtual (Eastern Time)

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WELCOME & OPENING REMARKS – LaTasha Emmanuel, ANA (11:00 AM)

The IMPORTANCE OF HBCUs IN TODAY'S MARKETING LANDSCAPE - Phanalphie Rhue, Chief Global Communications & Experience Officer, Bennett College (11:15 AM) 

In this keynote session, we will explore the vital role HBCUs play in the marketing industry. Chief Global Communications & Experience Officer, Phanalphie Rhue of Bennett College, will discuss how HBCUs contribute to developing diverse and innovative marketing talent and offer unique cultural insights essential for authentic marketing campaigns. The session will cover the economic, social, and cultural impacts of HBCU graduates in the marketing field and outline future opportunities for stronger industry collaboration with HBCUs.

BEST PRACTICES FOR MARKETING AT HBCUs  – Eric Austin, VP, Global Brand Building & Media Innovation, Procter & Gamble (11:50 AM)

Hear VP, Global Brand Building & Media Innovation, Eric Austin, of P&G take us through launching and activating effective marketing campaigns at HBCUs. Learn how to craft messages that resonate with HBCU students and gain actionable tips for creating impactful marketing campaigns that engage the HBCU community.

BREAK –  (12:25 PM)

EFFECTIVE RECRUITING STRATEGIES AT HBCUs  Venus Brown, VP, Head of Organizational Effectiveness & Experience, Global Team Coach, Assembly Global, Charles Jennings, Director of Career Development, North Carolina Central University, and Dr. Nina Davis, Executive Director for Career Services, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical. Moderator: Kylah Lewis, People & Experience Specialist,  McKinney (12:40 PM)

Listen in on this panel as we dive into the best practices for recruiting top talent from HBCUs. Our expert panelists, will share insights on understanding the unique value of HBCU graduates, building strong relationships with HBCU career services, and executing successful recruitment campaigns. Gain practical strategies for enhancing their recruitment efforts to attract and retain diverse talent.

CREATING INCLUSIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS  –  Alexandra Kennedy, EVP, Commercial Strategy, My CodeTeneshia Jackson Warner, CEO, EGAMI GROUP,  and Aquinas Early, Vice President, Consumer and Lifestyle Marketing, Flowers Communications Group. Moderator: Ruqayyah JohnsonFlorida A&M University (1:15 PM)

During this panel, we'll discuss the principles of inclusive marketing campaigns and discover how to implement them effectively. Listen in on how My Code, EGAMI GROUP, & Flowers Communications Group elevates diverse voices and empower brands to build lasting relationships.

Q&A  (1:50 PM)


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