Marketing Futures

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WELCOME (11:00AM Eastern Time)

The Marketing Futures Committee sits at the crossroads of inspiration and application. We are a collective of marketers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and agency professionals with a single goal -- creating a better tomorrow for our industry.

I. BRAND ASSISTANTS 3.0 (11:05AM- 11:50AM ET)

The accelerated pace of AI and improvements in NLP (Natural Language Processing) open the door for brands to provide smart, automated and consistent concierge services across voice, messaging and beyond. Elizabeth Brooks, a sports marketing executive who has spent her career at the nexus of innovation and marketing, will discuss the voice tech challenges facing her industry. She'll be joined by 3 top startups that will showcase next-generation solutions to address those challenges, and unveil what’s next in connected brand assistants.

Startups will discuss 3 key Voice Tech challenge areas:

  • Enterprise Conversation: Xapp AI will focus on the power of a unified Brand Voice across all messaging channels.
  • Holistic Mobile: Real Life Tech will discuss how their tech is powering event and sports apps (heat mapping, ticketing, etc) for events and stadium experiences. 
  • CRM: Talla shares how you can make your CRM and your sales teams smarter with AI/NLP.


Elizabeth Brooks, former CMO at BSE Global (Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center, Madison Square Garden)

Fred Schonenberg, Founder - VentureFuel


In an age where consumer attention spans are at an all-time low, something curious is happening: under the right circumstances, consumers are spending hours - even days - immersed in lush fictional worlds such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Avengers. However, world building isn't just for blockbuster entertainment franchises. When executed well, brands can create immersive worlds of their own, significantly driving brand loyalty in the process. Hear what marketers could learn from Hollywood producers, and get tips on creating a world of engagement around your brand.


Tara Deveaux, EVP and CMO – Wild Card & 3AM

Shawn Shahani, Head of Insights Group – Wild Card